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Listed under:  Arts  >  Visual arts  >  Handicrafts  >  Toy making

Handpainted Kathe Kruse doll, c1930

This is a handpainted doll named 'Ursula' with a papier-mache head and soft fabric stitched body. It has blue eyes, rosy cheeks, red lips and a light brown wig. It was made by Kathe Kruse in Germany and Australia around 1930.


Chauviere bisque fashion doll with accessories, 1870-80

This female bisque fashion doll with clothing and accessories was designed and made by Edouard Chauviere of France at some stage between 1870 and 1880. It features a bisque head and shoulder plate with a white kid body. The doll has moulded blonde hair, blue glass eyes, red painted lips, black painted eyelashes and a pair ...


Toy Mercedes limousine, c1911

This is a semi-enclosed toy Mercedes limousine, manufactured from metal by George Carette and Co, Nuremberg, Germany in 1911. It is a chauffeur-driven vehicle with a semi-enclosed limousine body style typical of the Edwardian period. The driver is in a separate open compartment with no door. He wears a uniform with a cap ...


Robilt toy steam locomotive representing Australian rolling stock, 1949

This is a 'Robilt Series 52', 0-gauge toy steam locomotive manufactured from metal by Robilt Products, Sandringham, Victoria, in 1949. The toy includes features such as four moulded metal driving wheels with coupling and connecting rods, a safety valve, boiler, steam dome and chimney. There is a brake lever on the right ...


Toy kangaroo, felt, 1909

This felt toy kangaroo was made by Margarete Steiff of Germany in 1909. The kangaroo has black glass eyes and black thread nose, mouth and claws. Its limbs are moveable and its head rotates. It is 310 mm high and 125 mm wide.


Chrysler Airflow tin toy car, c1934

This is a Chrysler Airflow four-door sedan toy car manufactured from metal. Clockwork-operated, it was part of a two-car garage set made by KT Japan in around 1934. This tin toy car is part of a set comprising two Chrysler Airflow sedans and a garage with a hoist. The car is made of red and green tin plate and is of a lug ...


Toy ocean liner, c1910

This is a toy steamship manufactured around 1910 from tin plate, metal and fabric. The ship has a red and black hull, white-and-brown deck and red funnels. Two lifeboats are positioned on the upper deck and an anchor hangs from the bow. A small metal stand painted red supports the bow end of the hull. The ship features ...


Tin-plate toy refrigerator, c1955

This is a pink toy refrigerator, manufactured from tin plate by Exelo, Japan, around 1955. It is 25 cm high, 13 cm wide and 13 cm deep.