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Listed under:  Arts  >  Media arts  >  Photography  >  Camera shots  >  Tracking shots

Filming on Bondi Beach, 1969

This is a colour photograph of a documentary crew filming an actor, the woman in the bikini on the right of the camera, on Sydney's Bondi Beach in 1969. In the background actual beachgoers continue their recreation as if the film crew were not there. The film, 'Australian Way', was being made by the Australian Commonwealth ...


Filming 'The Valley is Ours', 1948 - part 1 of 2

This is a black-and-white photograph taken in 1948 during the filming of a documentary about the Murray River and the valley it supports. Distinguished documentary filmmaker John Heyer is pulling cinematographer Reg Pearse on a dolly along primitive tracks. They are pulling back on a close-up of wheat in a field.


Crystal Voyager, 1973: Learning from fish

This clip shows George Greenough, designer, innovator, photographer, filmmaker and surfer, shaping a surfboard fin. This is intercut with footage of Greenough surfing on a kneeboard and showing its manoeuvrability. As he puts the final touches on the fin, Greenough explains that his designs are inspired by the shape and ...


Crystal Voyager, 1973: One wave, one surfer

This clip shows tracking shots of George Greenough, designer, innovator, photographer, filmmaker and surfer, and friends racing ahead of white water, first on a surfboard and then on a kneeboard. They are shown disappearing inside a curling wave then emerging, still riding. The lyrics on the audio track describe the joys ...