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Cartoons of the Moment - Miss Australasia, c1914: Allied apparel

This black-and-white clip shows a sketch of a woman in smart daywear with accessories and comments on the changed buying habits of Australian women during wartime. After the animated title the cartoonist is shown in his study. He responds to something he reads in a newspaper and the film cuts to his sketch. As the sketch ...


Cartoons of the Moment - Crown Prince of Death, c1915: The First World War in cartoons

This black-and-white clip shows three animated political cartoons being created by Harry Julius during the First World War (1914-18). In the first sequence, Julius enters his office, opens and scans a newspaper before beginning to draw. Then his sketches appear, each accompanied by explanatory captions. Simple animation ...


Cartoons of the Moment - Economy in Germany, c1914

This black-and-white sequence of three cartoons uses cut-out figures, simple animation and captions to comment on Germany's struggling wartime economy. The clip is introduced by the title 'Cartoons of the Moment' and a scene of Harry Julius drawing at an easel on the beach with children watching. The cartoons show first ...