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Teacher resource

Upskilling Kimberley Aboriginal Teaching Assistants

This teacher resource describes how the Catholic Education Office of Western Australia worked to support its Aboriginal Teaching Assistants (ATAs) to undertake approved study programs to improve their knowledge, skills and competencies so that they could meet the needs of Aboriginal students and their families in the school ...

Interactive resource

Exploring occupations

Look at factors important in choosing a career such as daily tasks, working conditions, earnings, personal requirements, related jobs and training needs. Examine the job requirements of a flight attendant. For example, flight attendants do shift work, work in a confined space, interact with a lot of people, must follow ...

Interactive resource

Exploring industries

Look at the range of jobs in the seafood industry and related industry sectors. Trace the career path of an aquaculture technician. Look at her reasons for choosing the industry and studying certificate and diploma courses. Answer questions about career planning. For example, identify advantages of looking at a broad range ...

Interactive resource

Exploring education and training pathways

Trace the career path of a telecommunications technician. Look at the steps she took to achieve her goals. For example, she did a VET course at school and chose subjects linked to a career path in electrotechnology. Answer questions about career planning such as the scope of a New Apprenticeship.

Interactive resource

Career quiz: more than just a job

Answer questions about jobs and career development. For example, identify an informal education activity. Score points for correct answers and collect bonus stars as you move around a board. Play on your own or compete against another player.


Forbes Carlile discusses development of Australian sports science, 2008

This is an edited sound recording of the leading sports scientist and swimming coach Forbes Carlile speaking about his work in sports science. Carlile says that he worked under the 'father of sports science in Australia', Professor Frank Cotton. His own interest in the field was as a physiologist, measuring physical changes ...


Forbes Carlile talks about sports science as a career, 2008

This is an edited sound recording of the Australian sports scientist and swimming coach Forbes Carlile (1921-), speaking about sports science as a career. Carlile states that being competent at sport is useful, but not absolutely essential, for someone to be a good sports scientist. He says all scientific discoveries lend ...


Women firefighters on a training exercise, 1976

This is a colour photograph of the women's volunteer fire brigade from Kemps Creek on a training exercise at nearby Liverpool, New South Wales, in 1976.


Ansett female pilot and trainee pilot, 1981

This black-and-white photograph shows Deborah Wardley, Australia's first female pilot to be employed by a major commercial airline, Ansett. Taken in 1981, the photograph shows Wardley on the left with trainee pilot Felicity Bush on the right.


Soldiers learning to use rifles, 1953

This is a black-and-white photograph of eight soldiers dressed in fatigues and metal helmets, lined up in a half-kneeling position, being taught by a sergeant how to load and fire their rifles. Another group of soldiers is being trained in the background.


'RAAF Florence Nightingales: flying nurses', 1944-45 - asset 8

This is the final excerpt from a series of eight clips of a black-and-white newsreel produced by Cinesound titled 'RAAF Florence Nightingales: flying nurses'. The footage was probably produced between 1944 and 1945, and contains narration and music, but no sound effects. The film shows Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) ...


Incat Tasmania training, Hobart, 2001

This is a group of military personnel from the USA participating in a training course at Incat Tasmania's training facility in Hobart, Tasmania. About 16 men are seated in rows at tables. Most of the men are wearing army camouflage uniforms, also known as 'fatigues'. At the front of the room, the presenter has his back ...


Incat Tasmania training on vessel, Hobart, c2000

This is a group of military personnel participating in a training course on board a wave-piercing catamaran built by Incat Tasmania. They are seated in rows of blue upholstered airline-style seats on the passenger deck, and are wearing orange life jackets over army camouflage uniforms (also known as 'fatigues').


Torres Strait Light Infantry Battalion, c1942 - item 1 of 2

This clip from a silent black-and-white home movie shows Torres Strait Islander servicemen undertaking army training drills on Thursday Island (Weiban) during the Second World War. It opens with a long shot of barefoot uniformed men marching in formation, and passing behind a squad of stationary men. It then cuts to shots ...