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Cable-trailing tramcar, 1894

This is a 16-passenger cable-trailing tramcar that once ran from King Street Wharf to Ocean Street in Sydney. It is painted a deep rich brown, and the exterior is decorated with gold and cream trimmings. The seats are varnished timber. The six windows open inwards and are covered with pulled-down roller blinds. There are ...


Steam tram used in Sydney, 1879

This is a steam tram motor locomotive made by Burnham, Parry and Williams and Co at Baldwin Locomotive Works in Philadelphia in 1879. A wooden cab encloses the entire locomotive, which features five windows along each side. Access to the cab is through doors from both the front and back platforms. Protruding through the ...


'Toastrack' O-class tram used in Sydney, 1909-57

This is an O-class 'toastrack' timber-and-metal electric tram manufactured in 1909. It has a combination of enclosed and open sections. In the centre are the four closed sections accessible to the street via sliding doors and fitted with cross-bench timber seats. On either side of these are the two open compartments, each ...


Pablo Diaz waiting for tram, corner Queen and Bourke streets, Melbourne, c1980

This is a colour photograph showing Pablo Diaz waiting at a tram stop at the corner of Queen and Bourke streets, Melbourne. Pablo is wearing brown overalls with a blue T-shirt. A sign on a building to the left says 'NEAT & TRIM' and another to the right reads 'Hotham'. The image is a digital scan of the original photograph.


W2-class 1927 Melbourne electric tram model, 2007-08

This is a scale model of W2-class drop-centre double-bogie standard-gauge electric tram No 454, a tram that was built at the Melbourne and Metropolitan Tramways Board's Preston Workshops in 1927. The model has a green body and a cream roof with a trolley pole that reaches up to overhead wires. It sits on a wooden base. ...


Cable tram model, c1880

This is a scale model of a cable tram, comprising a 'dummy motor' or grip car (containing the mechanism that gripped the moving underground cable) and an enclosed trailer or saloon car, similar in design to the type used in Melbourne from 1885 to 1940. The open grip car has wooden seats, and the drivers' controls are visible. ...


How to fly a tram! - 1.8 tonnes with wings, 2006

This is a video about the flying tram from the 2006 Commonwealth Games opening ceremony in Melbourne. Greg Gowans, production manager, automation, and Chris Younger, lead programmer, technical, talk about their roles in the project. The duration of the video is 1 min 38 sec.


Moving the tram - Getting large props off the field, 2006

This is a video about the flying tram segment of the 2006 Commonwealth Games opening ceremony in Melbourne. Lisa Webb, production manager, services, explains how the tram is removed from the field when its segment has finished. The duration of the video is 1 min 3 sec.


Cable tram model, 1880

This video features curator David Crotty discussing a quarter-scale model of a Melbourne cable tram on display in Museum Victoria. Two different kinds of tram car are shown, a salloon, or trailer, car and a grip car. The video runs for 1 min 44 sec, and includes some historical photographs.


Horsedrawn 'Manly' tram, 1894-1907

This is a 14-seater horsedrawn tram made in 1894 at the Randwick Tramway Workshops of the New South Wales Government Railways, Sydney. The tram is metal-framed, painted brown and rests on an axle box and pedestal with helical steel springs. A metal raised roof, painted light pink, has air vents and a rotating air ventilator ...


Four girls riding open cable tram, Melbourne, 1940s

This is a black-and-white photograph showing four girls, sisters Thelma and Velda Clements, baby Helen Burgess and an unknown female friend, riding an open cable tram in Melbourne, possibly on St Kilda Road, in the 1940s. The image is a digital scan of the original photograph.

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In this learning sequence, students explore frictional forces. They investigate how friction changes with different contact surfaces in wet, dry and icy conditions, and the effect this has on braking. Finally they apply this learning to the real-world situation of tram travel, and explore why sand is used on tram tracks ...

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Classroom posters (freight train, passenger train and tram)

This activity focuses on developing rail safety messages with students. They design their own rail safety tips using positive action words. Students can build on their existing knowledge of standard phrases commonly used, e.g. ‘stay behind the yellow line’, and ‘STOP LOOK LISTEN THINK’. The includes three different posters ...