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Listed under:  Health  >  Psychology  >  Personality  >  Personal identity  >  Gender identity  >  Transgender

Ticket to a film at Bendigo Queer Film Festival, 2005

This is a pink admission ticket to an 8.00 pm screening of 'A Touch of Pink' at the second Bendigo Queer Film Festival (BQFF) on Saturday 2 April 2005. Ticketing details and a festival logo showing the letters 'bqff' inside a section of film strip are printed in black on this ticket.


Bendigo Queer Film Festival memorial T-shirt, 2004

This is a black cotton T-shirt, size XL, printed with a Bendigo Queer Film Festival logo inside a white square on the front. It was produced as memorial merchandise by and for the Bendigo Queer Film Festival 2004. The T-shirt is 100.50 cm in width x 81.00 cm in length.