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Using 'Light and vision' - Teacher idea

This Teacher idea explores the eye as a receptor of light. Students build on prior understandings of light relating to wave theory and particle theory, and move on to investigate reflection, refraction, optics and prisms. It includes a unit of work developed and trialled by a teacher.


Cartoon against women's suffrage, 1893

This is a black-and-white cartoon opposing women's suffrage. Published in the New Zealand Mail on 29 September 1893, it presents a domestic scene in which traditional gender roles are satirically reversed. It shows a crying infant, squabbling children, a cat drinking milk out of a jug and a man dressed in an apron burning ...


Entertaining the troops, 1943 - asset 3

This is a clip taken from a segment in a 1943 episode of Cinesound Review, a black-and-white newsreel with soundtrack. It shows a stage where a curtain parts amid the sounds of cheering to reveal a ten-member jazz band at an unidentified location.


Entertaining the troops, 1943 - asset 4

This is a clip taken from a segment in a 1943 episode of Cinesound Review, a black-and-white newsreel with soundtrack. It shows a ten-member jazz band on a stage at an unidentified location. One of the musicians walks up to the microphone to sing a version of 'You're driving me crazy'. He sings questions and other members ...


Entertaining the troops, 1943 - asset 5

This is a clip taken from a segment in a 1943 episode of Cinesound Review, a black-and-white newsreel with soundtrack. It shows a clown on a trick bicycle that separates, forming a unicycle. What follows next is a scene of a female impersonator who starts singing 'Olga Pulloffski, the beautiful spy' as a band member takes ...


Cartoon showing John Forrest and C Y O'Connor, 1897

This is a cartoon in the 'Western Table Talk', published in October 1897, showing Western Australian Premier John Forrest flying as an angel above a pipeline crossing the landscape of WA. The pipeline, which is supposed to be carrying large volumes of water, is dribbling drops into the bucket of four workers, some of whom ...


The Night the Prowler, 1978: 'Felicity is a girl of delicate sensibility'

This clip shows Doris Bannister (Ruth Cracknell) on the phone, discussing the prospect of the marriage of her daughter Felicity (Kerry Walker) to John (John Derum), a rising young diplomat. When Felicity arrives home, Doris tries to discover when John is coming to visit. Later that night, Doris again tries to get a response ...


The Cars That Ate Paris, 1974: 'We're keeping him'

This clip shows Len Keeley (John Meillon), the Mayor of Paris, New South Wales, introducing himself to Arthur Waldo (Terry Camilleri), who was travelling towards the town when the car he was driving slid off the road, killing his brother. Len and Arthur lead Arthur's brother's funeral procession to the local rural cemetery ...


Gillies, 1987: 'Hiding behind a character'

This clip shows Australian comedian Max Gillies in 1987, impersonating the then Australian prime minister, Robert 'Bob' J Hawke, on Michael Parkinson's television program. Hawke is also a guest on the show. Footage of Gillies talking about his life and craft is intercut with black-and-white photographs from his childhood ...


Art, 1974: What is art?

This clip shows an excerpt from an animated colour cartoon by Bruce Petty. Successive cartoon figures are depicted observing a painting. A narrator explains that everyone experiences art differently and gives a number of examples. As these responses are described, they are visually portrayed by cartoon personifications. ...


Federalism poster, c1895

This is a colour lithographic poster satirising the initiatives towards Federation in Australia that were taking place in 1895. The central image of the poster is of nine men standing on a map of Australia. At centre right, the New South Wales premier George Reid is warning six of the figures, 'DON'T BE IN SUCH A HURRY, ...


Cartoons of the Moment - The Berlin Lokal Anzeiger, 1915: The Hun's Xmas wail

This black-and-white clip shows an animated political cartoon satirising German claims of how unfair it was that fighting in the First World War was continuing in spite of Germany having made a peace offer. The clip opens with the cartoon's title card and footage of the cartoonist Harry Julius sketching. A hand writes the ...


Cartoons of the Moment - Australia's Prime Minister Delights at the Empire, c1916

This black-and-white clip shows an animated cartoon of Billy Hughes, the Australian prime minister, ending Australia's trade relationship with Germany and Austria during the First World War. A gloved hand adds details to a cut out of Hughes' head and shoulders in profile and the hat on his head. The words 'WHAT BILLY HUGHES ...


Cartoons of the Moment - The War Zoo, c1915

This black-and-white clip of an animated cartoon shows warring nations of the First World War as animals. It opens with the artist sketching six animals as part of a title card. Three cartoon segments depict cut-out animals. A weeping injured turkey is hit by a boomerang. A sign warns 'DO NOT THROW BOOMERANGS AT THE BIRD'. ...


Cartoons of the Moment - German Dove of Peace, c1916: The Rushin bear and flying Turk

This black-and-white clip shows an animated cartoon using paper cut outs of animals to represent the two nations Turkey and Russia in order to comment satirically on an incident in the First World War. Speech balloons explain the action. The Russian bear, uniformed and with bayoneted rifle at the ready, advances across ...


Cartoons of the Moment - Crown Prince of Death, c1915: The First World War in cartoons

This black-and-white clip shows three animated political cartoons being created by Harry Julius during the First World War (1914-18). In the first sequence, Julius enters his office, opens and scans a newspaper before beginning to draw. Then his sketches appear, each accompanied by explanatory captions. Simple animation ...


Cartoons of the Moment - The Kaiser War, c1918

This black-and-white clip shows three animated Australian political cartoons created during the First World War. Cut-out animation with captions satirise Kaiser Wilhelm's failure to take responsibility for the war dead represented by piles of skulls and crosses. The second sequence 'Look out Billy' shows the comical figure ...


Cartoons of the Moment - Economy in Germany, c1914

This black-and-white sequence of three cartoons uses cut-out figures, simple animation and captions to comment on Germany's struggling wartime economy. The clip is introduced by the title 'Cartoons of the Moment' and a scene of Harry Julius drawing at an easel on the beach with children watching. The cartoons show first ...


The Gunston Tapes, 1975: The Liberal with a Labor face

This clip shows actor Garry McDonald in his role as inept interviewer Norman Gunston with a guest, former Australian Liberal prime minister John Gorton. It is an excerpt from the television series 'The Norman Gunston Show', recorded with a studio audience, and includes Gunston welcoming his guest and offering him refreshments ...


'Roll-Call.-The Return of the NSW Contingent', cartoon, 1885

This cartoon is a satirical depiction of the return of the military contingent sent by the colony of New South Wales to the Sudan to assist Britain. The acting NSW premier William Dalley watches from a decrepit horse as the governor Lord Loftus takes the rollcall. Most of the soldiers look disreputable and some look drunk. ...