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Kodak factory tennis court and garden in Abbotsford, pre-1948

This is a black-and-white photograph of a fenced tennis court and adjacent gardens at the Kodak factory site in Abbotsford, Melbourne, taken some time before 1948. The view is from the court looking east toward the Yarra River. Just outside the court are garden beds, trees, lawn, a rubbish bin and garden seats. The tall ...


Kodak factory and trees, Abbotsford, early 20th century

This is a sepia-toned photograph showing the exterior of the Kodak factory in Abbotsford, Melbourne, taken in the early 20th century. Buildings that may be visible in this photograph are the paper-coating building, the Powerhouse and the glass-plate building. The photograph measures 210 mm (width) x 164 mm (height).


Forest secrets

This website presents information about Victoria's tall timber forests, home of the mighty mountain ash, 'Eucalyptus regnans'.

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Climate educator guide, activity 2: the carbon cycle

This is a teaching-learning resource containing teaching strategies and a student activity about the carbon cycle and how carbon in the atmosphere is connected to living things. The resource has six tabs, five of which are relevant. The first tab provides information about the carbon cycle and the second provides an activity ...

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Climate education guide, activity 3: trees and carbon

This is a teaching-learning resource containing teaching strategies and a student activity about the role of forests as carbon sinks and the effect of tree size on the capacity to store carbon. The resource has six tabs, five of which are relevant. The first tab provides information about the importance of forests in storing ...

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Yarra Healing: significance of trees

This is a video (2:51 min) of Wurundjeri Elder Joy Murphy-Wandin describing the importance of trees for the Wurundjeri people of the area in and around what is now Melbourne. She points out that trees were the source of canoes, hunting tools and weapons such as spears and shields, clapping boomerangs and music sticks, and ...

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Forest Learning: Going Bush - Residue from the one tree goes to make fine copy paper

This is a video about how the top sections of a Victorian Mountain Ash tree and its sawdust are used to make white office paper and generate electricity at the Australian Paper mill at Maryvale, Victoria. The two presenters of the 'Going bush' series are shown discussing the value-adding process with Kevin Piercy, Wood ...


Trees and chairs as carbon sinks

This ABC is in Q&A format and simply explains the answer to the question 'Could we really plant our way out of climate change?'

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Sites2See: Forests

Online resources for Primary teachers, parents and students to celebrate and engage with the International Year of Forests 2011. Features selected links to games, information, videos and interactive resources for the study of trees and forests and broader issues of biodiversity and sustainability.

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Farming and the seasons (the farming story) - unit 2

This is a teacher resource that contains items for planning lessons about farming life and the seasons. It contains a simple program outline and supporting documents that can be downloaded or printed for students, including a story map broken into seasons, a table of farm activities and suitable clothes by season, a tree ...

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Cascades Nursery - focus on growing trees

This is a video about tree grower Mandy McCorkindale and how she and her husband propagate, grow and sell 300 different trees at Cascades Nursery at Batlow, New South Wales. It shows footage of their activities in various parts of the nursery as she outlines the advantages of buying advanced trees that have been hardened ...

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How will fire change the climate?

Considering the impact of a changing climate on the severity and frequency of fires is one thing, but how about the impact of fires on climate? Why does Professor David Bowman describe this scenario as a 'fire spiral'? What are the consequences of a world with fewer forests? As Professor Craig Allen explains, drought and ...

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What is a megafire?

Join Catalyst reporter Anja Taylor as she visits the Jemez Mountains in New Mexico and discovers the impacts of recent megafires on the landscape there. What is a megafire? And how is a megafire different from a regular wildfire? How have recent fires permanently transformed the landscapes that Anja and Professor Craig ...

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Working in forestry

Meet senior forestry consultant Zoe Harkin. Zoe is a forest carbon and climate change specialist. How does her work help address climate change? One of the things Zoe does in her job is calculate how much carbon is stored in a forest. What measurements does she take in order to do this? What does Zoe like most about being ...

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Trees and Country

Yuin, Bunurong and Tasmanian man Bruce Pascoe explains his connection to Country and introduces us to a family of trees. In what ways does Bruce’s relationship with the Earth differ from yours?