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Cablegram from Curtin to Churchill on the defence of Singapore, 1942

This is a two-page cablegram sent on 17 January 1942 in which Australian prime minister John Curtin makes his views on the level of British commitment to the defence of Singapore clear to his British counterpart, Winston Churchill. Marked 'Immediate. Most secret.', the cablegram refers to past conferences, discussions and ...


Italian pioneer of computing, 1984

This is a black-and-white photograph taken in 1984 of Amedeo Sala, an Italian migrant living in Western Australia, considered the 'father of Western Australia's electronics and computer industry'. He is holding the 'heart' of his invention the 'Encryptor', an electronic security scrambling device. The part of the device ...


Gold escort leaving Coolgardie, c1895

This is a black-and-white photograph of a gold escort in the main street of Coolgardie in about 1895. A four-wheeled horse-drawn buggy in the foreground carries luggage, presumably including boxes containing gold in the back. Two troopers, one on horseback and one seated beside the driver, form an escort, carrying firearms ...