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Moving Image

Epic swim, Dude, so gimme some fin!

Follow these Green Turtle hatchlings as they begin a long and dangerous ocean journey. After leaving their nest on Heron Island, they will swim around the Pacific Ocean for twelve years until they are strong enough to return.


National parks: Daintree

This is a colour clip showing the landscapes, flora and fauna of the Daintree National Park, part of the Wet Tropics of Queensland World Heritage area. The clip opens with a description of the area's connection with the ancient rainforests of Gondwana. This is followed by scenes of reptiles, birds including the southern ...


National parks: Great Barrier Reef

This is a colour clip showing the Great Barrier Reef on the Queensland coast, the world's most extensive stretch of coral reefs. The clip explains how the reefs are created and how they provide a home for thousands of different fauna species. Extended sequences describe the importance of the coral cay Heron Island to green ...


Animal Olympians: turtle

This is a colour clip showing the migratory behaviour and path of green turtles ('Chelonia midas') from Heron Island, Queensland. The clip includes footage of olive ridley ('Lepidochelys olivacea') and green turtle hatchlings making their way across the sand to the ocean, as well as floating in the open ocean. There is ...


Betty Guard's comb, c1830

This is a broken tortoiseshell hair comb with an extraordinary history. It was made around 1830 and belonged to Betty Guard (1814-70), an early European settler in New Zealand. It has a half-round shape and the remains of broken teeth. It measures 11.0 cm by 8.5 cm.


'Follow the sun', 1938 - asset 3

This is an excerpt from a black-and-white documentary with soundtrack entitled 'Follow the sun'. It was made on the Great Barrier Reef, off Queensland, by Australian filmmaker Frank Hurley in 1938. The clip opens with a number of short, inter-cut shots of birds and chicks in nests and on the ground. These are followed by ...


Mary River Turtles swimming

This is a colour image of two Mary River Turtles, 'Elusor macrurus', swimming under water. The turtles' fore limbs and hind limbs have jointed ankles and their feet are webbed with five claws. The turtle on the right's underside is greyish in colour and its long tail is clearly visible. The turtle on the left displays its ...

Interactive resource

Make it alive: flatback turtles

Investigate the coastal dune and beach habitat of the endangered flatback turtle. Discover what these turtles eat in the ocean. Examine how feral animals such as wild pigs, are affecting their chances of survival. Help the turtles, once they have hatched from their nests, to reach the safety of the ocean without being eaten ...

Interactive resource

Flow of energy: seagrass

Use this tool to create a diagram that shows the flow of energy within a seagrass ecosystem. Select and position appropriate items of a food chain, symbols, lines and text boxes to build an energy diagram. You can use the images from the tool or import your own images.

Interactive resource

Population modeller: seagrass

Use this tool to model what happens to the populations of a seagrass ecosystem over time when one component of the ecosystem is increased or decreased. Record both your ideas and the results you observe.

Interactive resource

Saibai Island canoe

Take a traditional Torres Strait Island ocean-going canoe on a fishing trip and discover the importance of the sea to the local people. Explore a map of the Torres Strait Islands showing the main island groups. Examine a traditional outrigger canoe from Saibai Island. Look at the origins and construction of the hull, sails, ...

Moving Image

Saving sea turtles

This is a video resource describing successful efforts to reduce the turtle bycatch during shrimp fishing through the use of turtle-excluder devices in the trawl nets. The video features footage of turtles escaping from shrimp nets and explains that the turtle-excluder device, designed jointly by the National Oceanic and ...

Teacher resource

People and the environment

This is a compilation of seven teaching activities about environments and how some resources within them are used. It uses stories and images to explore these places and issues. It includes sections on how individuals and groups can conserve resources. It also includes links to intercultural images, digital resources and ...



This 7 minute video segment from Catalyst describes the risk factors that impact on turtle survival. Protecting the future of turtle populations on the Queensland coast has been the life's work of Col Limpus for the past 40 years. His efforts have included research and reducing predation from foxes and entrapment in trawler nets.

Teacher resource

Keeping reptiles in schools – a resource for teachers

This resource aims to increase awareness about the requirements for keeping native animals in schools. The resource also gives teachers specific advice and assistance about keeping four commonly available reptile species in their classrooms.

Teacher resource

Endangered species - marine turtles

This is a detailed plan for teaching a unit on endangered species - marine turtles. It includes a unit outline, overview and aim, learning outcomes, inquiry questions, background information about the marine turtles, lesson plans and a guide to assessment. The lesson sequence is based on the inquiry based 5Es approach to ...

Teacher resource

Animal adaptations

This is a detailed plan for teaching a unit about structural and behavioural adaptations of animals and plants. It includes a unit outline, overview and aim, learning outcomes, inquiry questions, background information about adaptations, lesson plans and a guide to assessment. The lesson sequence is based on the inquiry ...