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The Sharkcallers of Kontu, 1982: History

This clip shows a Papua New Guinean man giving an account of the colonial history of New Ireland in Papua New Guinea. Interviewed in the village of Kontu, he remembers the brutality of the Germans, illustrated by graphic black-and-white photographs of punishments. 'The English' are described as being arrogant and uncivilised, ...


Pyongyang Diaries, 1997: The Great Leader

This clip shows two visits by filmmaker Solrun Hoaas to Pyongyang, the North Korean capital, after the death of Kim Il Sung in 1994 and again in 1996. At a celebration in Kim Il Sung Square of the founding day of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK), a Korean woman speaks of her devotion to Kim Il Sung. Hoaas ...


Pyongyang Diaries, 1997: 'Our way to socialism'

This clip shows scenes from the streets of Pyongyang in North Korea in the early morning as workers travel to work and schoolchildren gather on a corner. The streets display political posters, including one that says 'Let's celebrate / Sept. 9th / Our way to socialism'. In voice-over filmmaker Solrun Hoaas describes how ...


'Women's choice', 1975 - part 4 of 5

This clip is from a 1975 colour television advertisement for the Australian Labor Party (ALP), called 'Women's choice'. It was made for screening prior to the federal election in December that year, which followed the dismissal of the ALP government led by Gough Whitlam. The clip comprises close-up shots of an unidentified ...


The White Monkey, 1987: The power of fear

This clip shows Father Brian Gore, who was a Columban missionary on Negros Island in the Philippines during the dictatorship of President Ferdinand Marcos. Gore explains that the Marcos regime used fear to keep the people on the island powerless. He describes how he and his fellow missionaries tried to empower the peasant ...