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Boy's sailor suit, 1915-25

This two-piece sailor suit was manufactured in England between 1915 and 1925. The suit comprises a long-sleeved jacket and trousers in cream wool gaberdine. The jacket has a navy blue sailor collar, trimmed with three rows of white braid, attached to the jacket with seven buttons, and a navy rayon scarf. On the left sleeve ...


Victorian Permanent Artillery officer's helmet, 1893

This is a white cloth helmet, part of the uniform of a Victorian Permanent Artillery officer dating from 1893. It features the 1887 colonial pattern, complete with brass ball ornament, badge and chin chain. The helmet consists of six panels of white cloth with a puggaree - a scarf of silk or cotton wound around a hat or ...


Australian army tropical service helmet, c1909

This is an Australian army tropical service helmet made in London and inscribed 1909. It is covered in khaki-coloured cloth with a rising sun badge at the front. The helmet was issused to lieutenant Edward John Gaynor, possibly during his army service before the First World War.


Housemaid's white linen cap, c1900

This is a white linen housemaid's cap, also called a mob cap. It is circular and gathered around the face with an internal strap, also of white linen, for fastening the cap around the head. The cap is 32 cm long.


Standard-Vacuum Refining Company, Horton spheres, Essendon, 1955

This is a 1955 black-and-white image depicting a line of men in front of a row of three Horton spheres. The men are officials from the aviation industry and the Standard-Vacuum Refining Company, and the photograph was taken in Essendon, Victoria. The spherical vessels store light hydrocarbon gases used in the production ...


Three men in uniforms in front of house during Second World War, Moonee Ponds, 1941

This a black-and-white photograph showing two younger men and one older man in different military uniforms standing outside a family home in Moonee Ponds. The men are looking at the camera and smiling broadly. Both young men are holding cigarettes. The older man has a bag hanging from his neck, which was probably used to ...


Soldier outside tents at Royal Park Army Camp, Parkville, c1915

This is a black-and-white photograph showing a soldier in full uniform standing in front of a row of tents at the Army Camp at Royal Park in Melbourne during the First World War.


Serviceman with his wife in Brunswick West, 1940

This is a black-and-white photograph showing a serviceman, Donald Livermore, in uniform, holding his army slouch hat and standing with his wife, Joyce. Joyce is wearing a hat and a coat with a fox-fur collar. The couple looks unsmilingly at the camera. Donald was about to leave to fight in the Second World War.


Serviceman holding his daughter in Brunswick West, 1940

This is a black-and-white photograph showing a serviceman, Donald Livermore, in full uniform holding his small daughter Lorraine in his arms. They are standing in front of the verandah of their home in an inner surburb of Melbourne. Livermore was about to leave to fight in the Second World War.


Sweatshirt from Australian Olympic team uniform, 1960

This is a stained and faded green cotton sweatshirt that was part of the Australian Olympic team uniform of 1960. The garment has a zipped collar and an elastic waist. The Australian coat of arms is embroidered over the left breast with 'AUSTRALIA' sewn in blue. Embroidered below this are the Olympic rings and the text ...


AIF troops embark at Sydney

This is silent black-and-white actuality footage of the departure of First Australian Imperial Force (1st AIF) troopships, A16 and A29, from Sydney in 1915. It shows civilians on the wharf throwing streamers to farewell troops, troops on board waving goodbye and a tugboat moving alongside.


AIF troops on board ship

This is actuality film footage of the First Australian Imperial Forces (1st AIF) on a troopship heading away from Australia in 1915. It shows other ships in the distance and soldiers relaxing, physically exercising and posing for a group photograph.


Convict jacket

This is a woollen convict jacket from Tasmania. The inside of the jacket is stamped with the mark 'WD', indicating that it was issued by the War Department, and it has an arrow mark, signifying British Government property. These marks date the jacket to after 1855.


Fun at the race course at Gundagai in 1920

This is a short excerpt from a documentary about Gundagai's welcome home for the soldiers of Gundagai and surrounding districts returning from the First World War, filmed on Anzac Day in 1920. It begins with the intertitle 'Fun at the Race Course' followed by a wide panning shot of a crowd of children and adults. The next ...


Children on a horse-drawn coach in the 1920s

This is a black-and-white photograph of children travelling from Cotter to Narrabundah School in Canberra on a horse-drawn, canvas-covered coach in the early to mid-1920s. Five children and the driver, William Blewitt, are sitting on the coach's bench seat and Constable Phillip Cook is standing on the unsealed road beside ...


A young postal worker on a bicycle, 1936

This is a black-and-white photograph of a uniformed New South Wales junior postal officer who delivered telegrams on his bicycle.


Red Cross women spinning during the First World War

This is a silent black-and-white film clip of women in Red Cross aprons spinning wool on treadle spinning wheels during the First World War. The camera pans slowly across the group then moves to a close-up of one woman at her spinning wheel.


Red Cross women bottling during the First World War

This is a silent black-and-white film clip of Red Cross volunteers bottling fruit during the First World War. A medium-distance shot shows women in caps and aprons selecting, peeling and cooking fruit in vats or coppers and pouring it into bottles, followed by a close-up of women stirring the vat, filling bottles and applying ...


Vietnamese tram workers, 1979

This is a black-and-white photograph taken on 17 July 1979 at the Kew depot of the Melbourne and Metropolitan Tramways Board (MMTB), showing five MMTB employees who are posing for a photograph to accompany a magazine article. The man holding the rope leading to a trolley pole on the roof of the tram is Mr Vin Hurley, a ...


Bob-a-Job Week in 1966

This is a coloured photograph from 1966, showing three Scouts in a suburban street performing garden tasks - mowing grass, sweeping a path and making a neat edge.