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Fruit fractions: Fruit salad crafty creations

Students demonstrate knowledge of fractions through creating their very own simulated ‘fruit salad’. Pose the questions: if you were to create a fruit salad what would it have in there? In what ratios/proportions? Are there any fruits you wouldn’t want in there? Which fruits go/don’t go together? Showcase your understanding ...


Fractions: Year 3 – planning tool

This planning resource for Year 3 is for the topic of Fractions. Students will develop their understanding of multiple representations of fractions including 1/2, 1/3, 1/4, 1/5 and 1/10 using three different models: area models, length models and set models.


Fruit fractions: Fruit karate

In this lesson, students use fruit to explore common fractions. They step into the world of fractions by exploring various fruits and slicing them into halves, quarters and eighths. Through materials such as playdough and interactive discussions, they discover the meaning of terms such as numerator and denominator while ...


Fruit fractions: Gardeners of fractions

In this lesson, students use a simulated garden bed to explore tenths. They explore fractions within simulated Asian gardening plots. They draw garden beds, allocate fractions to fruit plants, and combine fractions to understand tenths. Through creativity and discussion, they grasp the concept of fractions as parts of a ...


Fruit fractions: Fruit kebab fun

In this lesson, we use fruit to explore common/decimal fractions relating to tenths. Students will use coloured Unifix cubes to represent tenths of a fraction on a ‘fruit kebab’. They will discover the idea of equivalent fractions and make connections using a fraction wall. The lesson uses interactive activities, discussions ...


Cutting it up

Students represent fractions using linear materials and recognise key equivalent fractions. They share collections equally to solve simple problems (halves, quarters and eighths).


Fruit fractions: Growing with fruit

Explore fractions through plant growth in this engaging lesson. Students will measure and represent plant growth using fractions, gaining a clear understanding of numerators and denominators. This interactive lesson encourages creative exploration of equivalent fractions while fostering a deeper connection with the concept ...


Fractions: Design your own Flag - Calculate

This activity allows students to explore the concept of fractions with a focus on quarters. Adaptions can be made by changing the fraction. We want students to discover that the same fraction can look different but still have the same quantity/ amount.


Fraction basics - Easy & Effective Fractions Tutor - iTunes app

Learn about the core concepts of fractions through 12 animated clips. View the clips on the topic that you want to learn about. These clips will help build a string foundation in fractions. Free when reviewed on 12/5/2015.


reSolve: Lamingtons

This sequence of three lessons explores the mathematical idea that fractions represent division. In the first lesson, students are invited to solve a problem involving fair sharing of different plates of lamingtons. Students explore how the denominator represents how many shares and the numerator represents the number being ...


reSolve: Authentic Problems: Bottle Flipping

This sequence of four lessons explores fractions and statistical reasoning through conducting a series of fair tests to answer the question 'What fraction of a bottle needs to be filled with water to be the best for bottle flipping?'. The lessons focus on building understanding of fractions and collecting, organising and ...


Fractions in the real world

How many quarters make up a whole? Watch this video to find out how else you can represent 2/4 and how to add up quarters to make a whole.


Musical fractions

Break down a song by counting how long the notes are in action! Learn about patterns in rhythms and musical notes, and discover the role of fractions in denoting whole, half and quarter notes and creating distinct sounds.


What is a quarter?

What is a quarter? You get quarters when you divide a whole into four equal parts. Each one of these four parts is a quarter. Watch this great explainer produced by Monique in collaboration with ABC Splash and see how she explains quarters.


Sites2See – number for primary

Selected links to a range of interactive online resources for the study of number in Foundation to Year 6 Mathematics.


Cassowary sanctuary

Help a park ranger to arrange fencing in a wildlife sanctuary. Divide common geometric shapes into equal-sized sections for keeping cassowaries. Group the enclosures to form a quarantine zone for sick and injured birds. Then express divisions of the enclosures as fractions. Work through facts about the life of cassowaries: ...


Cassowary fractions

Help a park ranger to arrange fencing in a wildlife sanctuary. Divide common geometric shapes into equal-sized sections for keeping cassowaries. Group the enclosures to form a quarantine zone for sick or injured birds. Then express the divisions of the enclosures as fractions. This learning object is one in a series of ...


Fraction fiddle: matching cake fractions

Fill orders in a cake shop. Match a fraction to parts of a cake. For example, identify the fraction of a cake remaining after it has had one quarter removed. Check your prediction by making the fraction and seeing what it looks like as part of a circle. Watch the circle change as you adjust the numerals in the numerator ...