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Listed under:  Science  >  Earth and space  >  Universe  >  Universe formation
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Threshold 2: The Stars Light Up

This short video gives an overview of the emergence of the first atoms, hydrogen and helium, 380,000 years after the Big Bang. The effects of gravity led to tiny variations in the density of matter throughout the Universe, which in turn became heated, resulting in fusion and the emergence of the first stars, galaxies, and ...

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What emerged from the Big Bang?

This 13 minute video in 3 parts explains how the Big Bang theory developed by looking at the evidence that supports it, including Hubble's theory of the birth of the universe, Hoyle's naming of it and Einstein's theory of energy and matter. Part 2 looks at what happened after the Big Bang - the emergence of the 4 fundamental ...


Benny and the Dreamers, 1992: Creation

The clip shows Pintupi Elders Benny Tjapaljarri and Mick Ngamurarri explaining the importance of Dreaming. The two men are shown in their country painting and talking. The narrator introduces them as men who left the mission to return to country and traditions. Tjapaljarri and Ngamurarri tell of the Dreaming when the country ...


Animal weapons: dingo

This is a colour clip showing many aspects of the dingo's life as a social carnivore. Dingo pups develop strong social bonds with each other through play. As they mature they learn to fight for their place in the dominance hierarchy. Adult dingoes may hunt as a pack or disperse to hunt small prey such as rabbits. The need ...

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To Mars and beyond: the search for the origins of life

In this resource students explore our fascination with space, including Australia's contribution to rocket research and current developments in the search for life in the universe. This unit of work is based on an exhibition held at the Melbourne Museum and the National Museum of Australia.

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Twelve canoes: creation

This is a rich resource about the Creation stories of the Yolngu people of north-east Arnhem Land. Its centrepiece is a short film about the Wangarra, the Creation beings, who shaped the land and created its people, giving them languages and culture. Illustrated by paintings and told by a Yolngu storyteller, the film includes ...

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Threshold 1: The Big Bang

This short video offers an overview of The Big Bang - the unanswered questions about what preceded it, and the existence of space and time after it, as well as matter and energy. The forms that energy and matter then took is explained.

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Chaos in space

How would you describe the universe? One way to describe it would be to call it chaotic. There is constant flux as new stars are born and others disappear. The Big Bang theory posits that all this activity began billions of years ago with a hot 'big bang' as all the matter concentrated in a single point began to expand. ...