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A passion for science and engineering

If you're deciding between studying science or engineering, why not consider a path that includes both? Be inspired by a young uni student who's combining chemical engineering and biotechnology studies. Along with her voluntary work as a science communicator, Alicia Hurkmans has embarked on journey to an exciting and innovative ...


In Limbo, 2002: Refugee Studies Centre

This clip shows scenes at Oxford University, including lectures in the Refugee Studies Centre. It opens with soft piano music and shots of Hoi Trinh studying at the University, having been accepted into its Refugee Studies Program, the only one of its kind in Europe. In a voice-over he tells of his acceptance into the Program ...

Teacher resource

Unpacking teaching strategies

A teacher and an advisor discuss the aims of a lesson before it is delivered and reflect on what worked in the lesson subsequent to its delivery. The advisor focuses on developing the teacher's practice by emphasising the need to develop more engaging teaching and learning strategies. She encourages the teacher to modify ...

Teacher resource

Teaching Critical Reading for University

A teacher trials a lesson before a group of fellow teachers. The lesson focuses on literacy strategies that can be used with prospective university students who may need assistance in deconstructing complex and unfamiliar texts. The strategy used is a 'SQ3R' method – Survey, Question, Read, Recite, Review – which is designed ...

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Critical analysis techniques

A teacher delivers a lesson on critical reading strategies to her peers. She links these strategies to the critical literacy skills required of academic study. In presenting her lesson, she provides examples of language use that allow her 'students' to identify how language affects understanding and perception. By introducing ...