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Listed under:  Society  >  Citizenship  >  Politics  >  Industrial relations  >  Wage determination

Australia's heritage, 2009: Wattie Creek

'Wattie Creek' is an episode from the series 'Australia's heritage - national treasures with Chris Taylor', produced in 2009. In the clip, Taylor talks about the Wave Hill walk-off. He asks the viewer to imagine being asked to work for little or no money while being given only flour, sugar and tea for food, and only a tin ...


Equal pay for equal work

This collection of 22 resources focuses on the struggle to achieve equal pay in Australia. The collection is organised in eight categories - less pay for women; less pay for Indigenous Australians; leaders in the struggle; the Victorian tailoresses' strike of 1882-83; the Torres Strait pearl divers' strike of 1936; the ...


No equal pay for female clerks in the Commonwealth Public Service, 1950

This document is the file copy of a letter dated 12 July 1950 about the treatment of female clerks in the Commonwealth public service, sent to Mrs Bessie Mabel Rischbieth by Mr F J McKenna, acting secretary of the prime minister's department. It informs her that female clerks do not receive the same salary as males because ...

Teacher resource

Whose democracy? - unit of work

This is an extended sequence of lessons about the influence citizens can exert over government. The lessons focus on three topics: issues important to our class and the local community; the role of interest groups in Australia; and the role of interest groups in key issues in Australian history such as equal voting rights ...