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Interactive resource

Who lives here?

Search a rainforest habitat in north-east Australian for clues about animals that live there. Track down hidden animals. Find clues such as animal sounds, tracks and shadows. Check species descriptions to identify which animals might live in the area. Write a survey report including observations and conclusions.


'Travels of the Mala (Hare Wallaby)' by Timmy Jugadai Tjungurrayi, 1976

This acrylic painting shows the tracks of the Mala, a fast-moving wallaby, indicating where it browsed (represented by a dragging tail mark) and where it made speedy progress. On its travels in the Dreaming, the Mala passed through a wide area of central Australia, including the Indajirri swamp, 400 km west of Alice Springs, ...


National parks: Flinders Ranges

This is a colour clip showing the landscapes, history, flora and fauna of the Flinders Ranges National Park in South Australia. The clip opens with a description of pastoral expansion from the 1850s, followed by scenes of wildlife and river red gums. It then describes how Wilpena Pound was occupied by graziers during a ...


Eastern grey kangaroos, Tidbinbilla, ACT, 1987

This is a colour photograph of three eastern grey kangaroos taken at Tidbinbilla in the Australian Capital Territory in 1987. Almost filling the frame, a male and a female are both clearly visible, with only the head and part of the chest of the third animal showing. All are standing and facing the camera.


Young girl and pet wallaby in the garden, 1915

This amateur black-and-white photograph shows a young girl in her Queensland backyard posing for the camera with her pet wallaby in 1915. The wallaby is resting on its back legs and tail to enable it to reach food on a circular ornamental cane table that is covered with a hand-embroidered cloth. The young girl, on the other ...


Indigenous men skinning wallabies, Queensland, late 19th century

This pen-and-wash sketch by Donald Sydney Thistlethwayte shows four Indigenous men skinning wallabies after a hunt in Queensland in the late 19th century. The men, dressed in European-style clothes, sit on the ground to skin the wallabies while two naked children watch. Lying on the ground are nine other dead wallabies, ...