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The cost of the Iraq War

What are the real costs of war? Is military success all that matters when deciding whether the outcome of a war is successful? In March 2003, US President George W Bush sent military forces into Iraq to find and destroy reported weapons of mass destruction, and to end the regime of President Saddam Hussein. Although the ...


Lend-lease in World War II

This is a collection of 17 digital curriculum resources about the operation of the lend-lease program during World War II. The introduction of this US aid program in 1941 was one of the significant events of the war. The collection is organised into seven categories - lend-lease weapons; aircraft; tanks; food shipments; ...


Elsie Curtin aboard Lancaster bomber 'Q' Queenie, 1943

This is a black-and-white photograph of Elsie Curtin aboard Lancaster bomber 'Q' Queenie VI at Canberra Aerodrome on 21 October 1943 after her first-ever flight, undertaken to raise funds for the Fourth Liberty Loan. She is pictured with Captain-Pilot Flight Lieutenant Peter Isaacson (on the right) and Pilot Officer Don ...


First Victory Home Loan: Squander Bug, 1945

This clip shows an animated advertisement from 1945 featuring a fictitious character called the 'Squander Bug'. Half insect and half devil, with a plump belly covered in swastikas, the Squander Bug dances with mirth. Hitler appears, urging the bug to 'Make them waste their money. Make them spend'. Across a map of Australia, ...