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Diggers, 1931: 'Hinky pinky parlay-voo'

This clip shows the final scenes from 'Diggers', a black-and-white film of 1931. It is the First World War and an Australian soldier farewells his French sweetheart (Eugenie Prescott) in her father's café in a French village. Soldiers march off to battle to a jaunty Australianised version of the song 'Mademoiselle from ...


Back to Tipperary days

This is a song, composed and recorded by Jack Lumsdaine in 1939, five days after the outbreak of the Second World War, about the memories of Australian soldiers looking back on the First World War. The middle segment of the song refers to the outbreak of the Second World War.


And the band played 'Waltzing Matilda'

This is a song about the experiences of an itinerant Australian who volunteered as a soldier in the First World War, took part in the Suvla Bay landing and lost both legs in the Gallipoli campaign. It was composed and performed by Australian singer Eric Bogle, and was probably recorded in 1980.