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Crowd at Returned Services League picnic, c1948

This is a black-and-white photograph showing a Returned and Services League (RSL) sports day and picnic at Silvan Reservoir, in the Dandenong Ranges on the outskirts of Melbourne, in 1948 or 1949. A group of men, women and children sit, stand or crouch in long grass in front of a wire mesh fence. Most are chatting and eating. ...


ANZAC remembrance medal by Dora Ohlfsen, 1919

This is a copper medal featuring on the obverse a fallen soldier surrounded with a laurel wreath being comforted by a female figure who symbolises Australia. It is inscribed: 'DORA OHLFSEN 1918' struck half off the flan (not visible here). The reverse depicts an outline of an armed soldier in profile and is inscribed: 'ANZAC. ...


My Place - Episode 4: 1978: Mike, The 'Tippy'

Mike learns from his father, Michaelis, that the 'Tippy' is different since returning from the Vietnam War. Regardless of difference, Mike regards the Tippy as his genuine best friend.

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Veterans reflect on the meaning of Anzac Day

What does Anzac Day mean to you? For some older Australians, Anzac Day recognises loyalty to the British Empire. To others it is a time to remember sacrifice and to take pride in Australian character. Watch this clip to discover what Anzac Day means to a number of veterans in the 21st century.

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The changing roles of women on Anzac Day

How have the stories and observances of Anzac Day changed to include women alongside men? During World War I and the years that followed, women had little involvement in Anzac Day events. In some instances, they were deliberately excluded! This has changed dramatically in recent decades. In this clip, women and men from ...

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Anzac Day and the unseen costs of war

Discover the unseen costs of war. Many people experience fear, anxiety, bereavement, shock and other forms of psychological trauma that do not end when they return home. Watch this clip as residents of Violet Town in Victoria reflect on the personal cost of war.


My Place - Episode 10: 1918: Bertie, Armistice

Eddie speaks with Bertie about how lucky he is to survive the war with only a leg missing. Sid arrives to tell of the Armistice that signals the end of the war. The community celebrates the end of war with music, dancing and games, but not everyone can be happy at this time.

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Australians recognise past sacrifices on Anzac Day

Share the memories of Australian war veterans and discover their thoughts about Anzac Day's significance. In this clip, veterans living on Queensland's Gold Coast express their ideas and feelings about what Anzac Day means to them.

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Observing a minute's silence on Anzac Day

Why do we observe a minute's silence during Anzac Day ceremonies? Remembrance on Anzac Day has been an important part of Australian culture since the first Anzac Day was observed in 1916. In this clip, residents of Queensland's Gold Coast were asked what they think about during the minute's silence.

Interactive resource

Film study: volunteer workers

View a clip from a silent newsreel showing men and women volunteers clearing land for returned soldiers after World War I. Select various sections of the clip and interpret the actions of the participants. Use sections of the clip to interpret people's feeling and emotions. Answer a series of questions on what you have ...


Toora Vale Ice Company Advertisement: The Ice Man Was Never Like This, c1934

This black-and-white clip shows an animated cinema advertisement for the Toora Vale Ice Company that promotes ice refrigerators over electric ones. It opens with a repairman crouching before a broken electric refrigerator as an alarmed housewife looks on and the narrator predicts the family will soon replace the 'costly' ...


Toora Vale Ice Company Advertisement: Welcome Mr Ice Man, c1934

This black-and-white clip from the 1930s shows a cinema advertisement for the Toora Vale Ice Company that promotes ice and ice refrigerators as products that provide 'health and comfort'. An ice delivery man is shown delivering ice to a suburban home before the clip cuts to a kitchen where a housewife displays her ice refrigerator. ...


General Motors Holden - Range of Products, c1958

This black-and-white clip shows an advertisement for the wide range of products, vehicles and equipment manufactured by General Motors-Holden's (GMH) and its subsidiaries. A narration accompanies scenes of GMH cars in a suburban street, GMH domestic appliances, its Dandenong factory producing parts for its subsidiary NASCO ...


Super 8 Soldiers, 1991: 'I just didn't seem to fit in'

This clip features interviews with two Vietnam veterans, Rowan Marsh and Peter Stainthorpe, recalling what it was like to return to Melbourne after two years of active service in Vietnam. They describe the expectation that they would be welcomed home and the incongruity of finding nothing had changed. Both veterans describe ...


General Sir John Monash leading the Anzac parade, 1931

This is a black-and-white photograph of General Sir John Monash leading the parade for the 1931 Anzac Day march in Melbourne. He is mounted on a horse and is wearing his army uniform, to which numerous medals are attached. To Monash's right is another mounted soldier wearing the distinctive slouch hat of the Australian ...


Australian colonial involvement in the Sudan conflict of 1885

This collection of eight digital curriculum resources focuses on the decision by the colony of New South Wales to send troops to support Britain in the 1885 Sudan War. It is organised into three categories - the NSW troops; the Sudan War as a catalyst for nationalism and imperialism; and ridicule of the British Empire and ...


Repatriation of First World War veterans

This collection of 15 digital curriculum resources focuses on Australia's First World War veterans returning home to civilian life. It is organised in six categories - soldiers filling in time before repatriation; welcome home; initial support for veterans; ongoing care of the war wounded; jobs for veterans; and soldier ...

Interactive resource

Home appliances

This is a slideshow resource showing five home appliances from the past. They include an ice chest from the 1930s, an electric refrigerator from the 1920s and three very different washing machines from the 1880s, 1920s or 30s, and 1940s-50s. Onscreen text explains how the appliances worked. Each screen can be printed.


Effects of World War I in Australia

This is a collection of 22 digital curriculum resources about the effects of World War I in Australia. The resources are grouped into seven categories - the role of women; recruitment activities; conscription referendums; propaganda; War Precautions Act; the general strike of 1917; and ongoing effects of the war. Because ...


Helping our heroes, 1918

This is an extract from the 367th edition of the silent newsreel, 'Australasian Gazette', filmed and screened in 1918. The extract shows men and women of the Randwick Volunteer Workers Association clearing land intended for servicemen returning from the First World War. It also shows the women serving the men with cups ...