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Home appliances

This is a slideshow resource showing five home appliances from the past. They include an ice chest from the 1930s, an electric refrigerator from the 1920s and three very different washing machines from the 1880s, 1920s or 30s, and 1940s-50s. Onscreen text explains how the appliances worked. Each screen can be printed.


Changing technology for washing and cleaning

This is a collection of 15 digital curriculum resources focusing on changes in technology for washing and cleaning in the home since the 1890s. The collection is organised into two categories - doing the washing; and vacuuming. It includes photographs, an advertising brochure and a multimedia resource suitable for lower ...


Thor 'Automagic' washing machine, 1940s-50s

This is an automatic electric washing machine produced in the 1940s or 1950s by US manufacturer Thor, called the 'Automagic'. The machine has a rectangular, box-like shape with rounded edges, a white enamel coating and a green lid. It measures 95 cm x 62 cm x 62 cm.


Wolter and Echberg washing machine, late 1800s

This is a late-19th-century compressed-air washing machine, made by Victorian manufacturers Wolter and Echberg. The machine is made of galvanised steel and has a distinctive rocket-like appearance, with a central drum, in which the clothes are washed, consisting of two cone shapes on either end of a cylinder. On the drum ...


Syracuse 'Easy' washing machine, 1920s-30s

This is an electric domestic washing machine of a type that was manufactured by the Syracuse Washer Corporation under the name 'Easy' during the 1920s and 30s. The machine is made from enamelled metal and stainless steel, and features two tubs set in a triangular frame. The larger tub is the agitator tub and the smaller ...


Rinso Soap Powder: Then Came Happiness, 1931

This clip shows a 1931 black-and-white 'talkies' cinema advertisement in which the life of a worn-out housewife is transformed by a new washing powder. The story begins with an invitation to the woman and her husband to play bridge the following Monday (washing day).The husband is then seen telling a friend about his concern ...