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The water cycle

This is a digital version of a chapter from a textbook about the natural processes that cycle water through the biosphere and the factors that affect the water cycle. Using text and diagrams, the resource discusses the importance of water to life on Earth, the physical and biological processes involved in the water cycle, ...


The water cycle in the Murray-Darling Basin

This 12 minute video explains the water cycle in the context of the Murray Darling Basin and the great variability in rainfall in the region causing frequent floods and droughts. It highlights the importance of the rivers in the Murray Darling Basin for agriculture, environmental health, water supply, habitat for migratory ...


Water licence buyback to protect river health

Did you know that farmers can buy and sell the water they use to irrigate their crops? However, taking too much water from the Murray-Darling river basin can have an impact on all of us. Discover how, in 2008, the Australian Government entered the water trading market to buy water back for the benefit of the river system ...


Anatomy of a raindrop

The water cycle is the circulation of water on, in and above Earth and it involves a number of stages and changes of state. This clip describes the water cycle and also how modern technology has contributed to our understanding of the shape of raindrops and its relationship to precipitation. Discover how raindrop shape ...


Wetlands clean up stormwater

Imagine how much water flows through stormwater drains after rain. Follow the efforts of Salisbury Council in Adelaide after it built a network of wetlands that use natural processes to remove pollutants from stormwater before it reaches the sea.


Managing groundwater for tomorrow

Seventy percent of Perth's water comes from underground. Imagine what would happen if that source of water dried up. It's a real possibility if the impact of the climate and human activity is not carefully managed. Watch as scientists show what causes groundwater levels to fall and the effect that has on the Earth's ecosystems. ...


Recycled water for everyday use

Imagine having water supplied to your home which includes recycled water. Discover how the Salisbury Council in Adelaide is supplying recycled water at a fraction of the cost to households and industry in order to reduce the city's reliance on the Murray River for water.


Water recycling: productive use of wastewater

What are the options of reusing treated sewage instead of pumping it out to sea? Watch as the Wide Bay Water Corporation in Queensland describes how it has found new ways to use the wastewater to generate extra income and to attract new business to the region.


From stormwater to drinking water

Imagine turning stormwater into drinking water by pumping it underground. Explore the possibilities with the CSIRO and Salisbury Council in Adelaide in a research project that uses natural processes to remove contaminants from the water. You'll see why this project is attracting international interest.


Underground storage for recycled stormwater

How can we use recycled stormwater? See how a council in Adelaide, capital of the driest state in Australia, captures, purifies and stores stormwater underground before it's re-used. Listen to a wool processor describe how important this recycled water is to the success of his business.


Water recycling: wastewater to wealth

Discover the real value of treated sewerage - it's not just dirty water! Watch as changes in regulations push a Queensland water authority to install a wastewater reuse system that plugs the drain to the sea. Marine life is protected and treated wastewater is redirected to more productive uses.


Turning stormwater into groundwater

Imagine how much your life would change if your water supply ran out. Yet, when it rains, so much water is lost as it runs into stormwater drains. Watch as scientists talk about re-directing stormwater to recharge a groundwater aquifer. Listen as they describe how they can use a natural system to remove contaminants from ...


Water, water everywhere!

What is the water cycle? Follow a water molecule as it journeys from the ocean to the atmosphere then back to earth. People and climate can affect the water cycle. How do they do this?


Bushfires affect river water

Bushfires have a serious impact on forests, but how might they affect the water supply in a major river system? Watch this 2008 clip to find out why bushfires are likely to result in much less water downstream in the Murray-Darling river system. Discover why this is only going to get worse in the future, and learn about ...


Disappearing lakes

Discover the impact that the drying of the Murray Darling river system is having on the bird life in the lower lakes where the river reaches the sea. Find out why it is drying up and consider some alternative ideas for bringing water back to the lakes. But there's no easy solution, river managers try to balance human needs ...


Murray-Darling - a big balancing act

Imagine what would happen if the Murray River, part of Australia's biggest river system, stopped flowing. The impact would be felt by us all, including the wildlife of the river system. Watch as scientists and governments across the country work together to find the balance between water for human needs and water to sustain ...


Seeding clouds to make rain and snow

Imagine if we could control the weather. Find out how scientists are already at work making clouds rain when and where they want. It's called cloud seeding. Watch this clip to understand how cloud seeding works, and where it is being used in Australia.


Global change - iTunes app

Explores the global carbon and water cycles as well as the role that plants play in these cycles with particular emphasis on the stomata in the leaves. Also looks at human impact on these cycles and the climate. Includes videos, simulations showing changes over time, graphs, maps and a detailed glossary section. Free when ...


Lake Eyre - just add water

Imagine a lake that drains water from one sixth of all of Australia but fills up only once every 25 years. Discover the beauty of Lake Eyre in South Australia as it fills with water and transforms the dry outback to an inland oasis that becomes home to thousands of water birds.


Water stress affects food production

Think about the amount of water needed for food production. Is reducing water use during food processing the only way of lowering water usage? Find out some reasons for suggesting a global reduction in water use during the growing of raw products. Discover the relationship of water-stressed regions around the world to food ...