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Harbour swimming, Manly, 1960

This is a colour photograph depicting young children diving off a special apparatus at Manly Beach. The photograph was taken by Bill Brindle, who worked for the Australian News and Information Bureau. It is part of an online showcase called 'Summers Past'. Information about this particular item can be located in its educational ...

Moving Image

Surfies, clubbies and a changing way of life

What effect did the rise of surfboard riding and its accompanying surf culture have on surf lifesaving? In the early 1960s, surf lifesaving was regarded as a model of the values that underpin the Australian way of life. This clip from 1964 explores the collision between the new surf culture and the traditions of the surf ...

Interactive resource

Zou ba! Sports: favourite sports

Find out how to ask someone which sport they most like to play. This includes sports such as rollerblading, surfing and bike riding. This learning object is one in a series of four objects.


Scenes on the Clarence River

This is a silent home movie, made about 1943, which appears to have been taken at a Grafton regatta. Footage includes: spectators, some sitting in tiered seating to facilitate viewing and others sitting on a wall with their legs dangling over the edge; small sailing boats; several different types of rowing craft and rowers; ...

Interactive Resource

Sites2See: Surf safety

A webpage about surfing safety, dangerous waves and rips, and the history and science of surfing. A 'For Kids' section provides games and quizzes for young swimmers and surfers.

Assessment resource

Point of view: newspaper report 2: assessment

Assess your ability to construct a newspaper report by selecting appropriate verbs, adverbial phrases and pronouns. Examine a model newspaper report. Read and listen to two witness reports of a surfing accident. Identify the two different points of view. Arrange paragraphs for the newspaper report. Select suitable verbs ...


Thrill of the Surf, 1949: Surfing, a national sport

This black-and-white clip shows surfing on Sydney's Bondi Beach in 1949 and includes scenes of surfboard building, surfers riding the waves towards the shore on the long surfboards popular at the time, surf ski riders and a rescue by surf-lifeguards. Final footage includes close-up action shots filmed alongside riders in ...


Australians at the beach, pre-1930

This is a collection of 24 digital curriculum resources focusing on Australians at the beach before 1930. It includes paintings, photographs and swimsuits along with numerous examples of archival film footage showing people enjoying the beach in the early 20th century. The collection is organised into periods - early 1800s, ...


A beach rescue in 'Sunshine Sally'

This is a frame blow-up from the 1922 silent era film 'Sunshine Sally'. It shows a beach scene with surf lifesavers rescuing Sally from the surf at Coogee Beach in Sydney, New South Wales, using the reel and line method.


Manly Beach in 1949

This is a photograph of a crowded Manly Beach, in Sydney, New South Wales, in 1949. There is a lifeguard and surf lifesaving patrol enclosure in the foreground and hundreds of bathers both on the beach and in the water.


Shelly Beach near Manly, 1979

This is a colour photograph of Shelly Beach near Manly in Sydney, taken in 1979. It shows dinghies in the foreground, with people sunbaking, walking on the beach, wading, swimming, paddling, on surfboards or relaxing under beach umbrellas in the background. Manly Beach and some buildings at Manly and Queenscliff can be ...


Spectators at the 1913 Hobart regatta

This is a short excerpt from a 1913 silent black-and-white newsreel, entitled 'Hobart Regatta 1913'. It shows a group of young men joking with one another on a jetty with women and children standing behind them. One child in a distinctive cap appears occasionally in the foreground peering intently towards the camera. Mount ...


Boats at the 1913 Hobart regatta

This is a short excerpt from a 1913 silent black-and-white newsreel, entitled 'Hobart Regatta 1913'. It begins with a brief shot of a man smoking a pipe as he doffs his cap to the camera, followed by a scene of a motor launch with many children and several adults on board. Different boats are then shown, including a large ...


Women protect Queensland beaches, 1971

This is a photograph of a member of the Neptune Ladies Lifesaving Club at Tallebudgera, Queensland, in 1971, in the role of patrolling officer. The photograph shows the swimming hole at Tallebudgera Creek and, in the background, the Tallebudgera Bridge. There are swimmers in the shallow water and children playing in the ...


Children's end of Manly Beach, 1956

This is a black-and-white photograph of families playing in the surf at Manly Beach, Sydney, New South Wales, in 1956. Several young children, many of them with their parents, are playing and bodysurfing in the breaking waves.


Surf lifesavers in a surf boat battle the waves, 1948

This is an image of surf lifesavers rowing a surf boat out through breaking waves at an Australian beach. The crew of five, consisting of four seated rowers in T-shirts and a bare-chested sweep standing at the back of the boat holding the steering oar, wear surf lifesaving caps and life jackets.


St Ignatius Regatta, Sydney, 1885-1917

This is a black-and-white photograph from a silver gelatin dry-plate glass negative, produced by the studio of Charles Kerry and Co, Sydney. It shows at least 18 rowboats on the Lane Cove River. The boats do not appear to be racing and are occupied by a mixture of school students, men and women. There are steamboats in ...


Three-finned 'thruster' surfboards by Energy Surfboards, 1987-80

These are two 'Energy Flyer' square tail and round tail 'thruster' (three-finned) surfboards, manufactured by Energy Surfboards, Australia, sometime between 1987 and 1988.


'Bambu' surfboard, 2001-02

This is a 'Bambu' surfboard, a rounded and standard short model with three fins. It is manufactured from polystyrene foam, bamboo veneer and epoxy resin by Mei Yap Gordon and Shale Gordon in Byron Bay, New South Wales.


FCS H-2 surfboard fins, 2004

These are three silver surfboard fins manufactured from mixed materials by Surf Hardware International, Talon Technologies and Metro Solutions in 2004. The fins feature the text 'FCS H-2' printed in black. They are displayed with their silver metal storage box, which also features the text 'FCS', and with a small key used ...