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Listed under:  Economics and business  >  Economy  >  Consumption  >  Consumer goods  >  Appliances  >  Water heaters

Heat pump hot water system, 2001

This is a 'Turbo Compact Eyre, 270 litre' heat pump hot water system manufactured in 2001 by Quantum Energy, Australia. The tank has a cross-section cut out of it by the manufacturer to show its internal workings while on display at an exhibition. The unit is made from steel, glass, aluminium, copper, plastic and polyurethane ...


On the staff, c1944-45

This is a small (8.2 cm x 5.8 cm) black-and-white photograph showing Betty Campbell (1924-), a Deputy Matron in the Australian Women's Land Army, filling the wood-burning copper at the Land Army accommodation at Saltwater Creek, near Bathurst in New South Wales, in the summer of 1944-45. The photograph was taken with Campbell's ...


Solahart water heater - asset 1

These are four photographs of solar hot water heaters. The top photograph shows seven solar water heaters on top of the roof of what is probably a factory, with buildings of the city of Perth in the background. The name 'Solahart' can be seen on six of the heaters. At bottom left is a composite of two pictures, the top ...


Solahart water heater - asset 2

This is a colour illustration showing how a Solahart water heater works. It features a smiling-faced sun overlooking a heater that consists of large, flat black plates traversed by pipes, and a storage cylinder with a tap at one end that is releasing water. The movement of water is indicated by arrows, and all the parts ...