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Burberry jacket worn by Ernest Ellis in Antarctica, 1907-09

This is a jacket manufactured by the Burberry company of England and worn by Ernest W Ellis on the British Antarctic Expedition of 1907-09, led by Ernest Shackleton. It is part of Museum Victoria's collection of artefacts from the 'heroic' era of exploration of Antarctica.


Electric caulking machine, c1902

This is a posed black-and-white photograph showing three men, watched by two others, moving an electric caulking machine into place above a pipe joint for the Coolgardie Water Supply pipeline in Western Australia around 1902. The machine is mounted on a trolley that rolled on four wheels along the top of the pipe, from ...


Pouring lead for a waterproof joint, 1901

This black-and-white photograph shows six men posed around the joint linking two lengths of pipe in the Coolgardie Water Supply pipeline. Two are operating a machine that melts lead for caulking (sealing) a waterproof joint. A collar of short bars interlinked by wires and chains can be seen around the joint. The photograph ...

Moving Image

Lanolin, lip gloss and lubricants

What special substance can be extracted from sheep fleeces? Listen to interviews with Australians involved in making industrial lubricants and beauty products. Explore these uses of a vital substance made by a sheep's skin.