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Pseudofossils: concretions and dendrites

This is an information sheet providing an introduction to different varieties of rocks and minerals that might be mistaken for fossils. It is also available as a two-page pdf file for download.

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Landslides along the Three Gorges Dam

The world's largest dam project is set to bring enormous benefits to the Chinese economy. But there's a potential side-effect of altering the natural system - the likelihood that more geological disasters such as landslides will occur in the area. Find out why in this clip from 2008.


Natural rock arch formation, Sorrento, 1945

This is a black-and-white photograph, taken on acetate film, of a natural rock arch formation at Sorrento Back Beach on the Bass Strait side of the Mornington Peninsula, Victoria. The photograph has been taken at low tide, looking through the arch of weathered rock towards the ocean. Some sparse vegetation is growing on ...

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Geology reveals how Earth changes

See how geology can tell us a story about how Earth has changed over time, as well as help predict natural disasters and save lives. Find out how geology can help you understand the world around you even when you are at the beach.

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Three Gorges Dam: hydro-electricity as a choice

China has built the massive Three Gorges Dam to provide hydro-electricity. The dam provides power without the harmful emissions produced by burning coal. But are there other costs? Hear from a Chinese professor whose opposition to the dam has waned, but who calls for careful attention to the problems that this dam has created ...

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Damming the Yangtze

See the world's largest dam - China's Three Gorges Dam - which provides hydroelectric power. Learn about some of its benefits, and, as you watch this clip from 2008, consider these benefits against the social cost of displacing local communities.

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Severe erosion in the Upper Murray River

Farmers along Victoria's Upper Murray claim that soil erosion on their properties is being caused by water released from the Snowy Mountains Scheme, a hydro-electricity project located in the Southern Alps. This clip from 2013 investigates the degradation occurring in an area where prime agricultural land is valued at 10,000 ...

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Fossils: stories in the rock

Come on a journey with young scientist Alex Jaeger as he tells us about fossils found along the Jurassic Coast in Victoria. Find out how the area's landscape and ecosystem have changed over time. Alex explains how fossils are formed and what they reveal about Australia's past in his 2013 Sleek Geeks Eureka Science Schools ...

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Eroding more than sand in coastal towns

In English coastal villages, erosion by wind and waves has washed away great swathes of land. What drives this process? Can anything be done to protect people's homes against the merciless power of the elements?

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Spectacular landforms shaped by erosion

Take a trip around the English coastline. In each location, the erosive power of the wind and the waves is obvious. But it's differences in the underlying geology that account for the diverse range of landforms that you are about to see.

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Using lasers to fight coastal erosion?

Coastal settlements are often battered by forces of erosion. See how planners use accurate, reliable data about the changing coastline to combat erosion. Take a trip to the beach to see how technology, including GPS and airborne laser systems (Lidar), are lending a hand.

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Rivers of power

Join canyoning instructor Zak Griffiths as he investigates a river's incredible force and energy. See how features of the river can change from one day to the next. View an animation showing how various materials in the river are transported by moving water.

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River flow vs particle size

Moving water can be a powerful force of nature. The speed of the water flow directly affects particle movement (transportation and deposition). See how the Hjulstrom Curve graph helps understand erosion by plotting the relationship between particle size and river velocity.

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Fixing a scarred landscape

Is soil our most important natural resource? Erosive scars in many parts of Australia's agricultural landscape suggest we should be doing more to protect this asset. Meet Peter Andrews, a soil advocate. Peter's approach to landscape management might be unconventional, but it appears to be gaining support.

Teacher resource

Primary Connections: Changes all around

This comprehensive teacher resource focuses on the observable properties of the sky and landscape in their local environment. They observe changes of different scales and time scales and classify changes as natural, constructed or managed. Students investigate the impact of people, compare features of objects before and ...


Shaping the Earth's surface

This collection of digital curriculum resources is organised into four categories: processes and changes over geological time; tectonic events in recent history; natural environmental processes; and consequences of altering the Earth's surface. Learning objects, images and videos demonstrate changes throughout the Earth's ...


Surge tank camp at Tumut Ponds

This is a 1954 photograph of the campsite at the Tumut Ponds surge tank in the Snowy Mountains. The bush has been cleared and the ground roughly prepared to accept the prefabricated cabins and bunkhouses. A few spindly eucalypts, typical of the region, remain in the foreground. The camp is not complete as there is the framework ...


'Pounding seas bring novelty in their wake', 1950 - asset 1

This is a clip from silent footage prepared as part of the production process of a segment to be included in the 30 June 1950 weekly episode of Movietone News, a black-and-white newsreel. The clip begins with the title screen 'NEWPORT, N.S.W. / POUNDING SEAS BRING NOVELTY IN THEIR WAKE / MOVIETONE NEWS'. Sets of waves are ...


The Forerunner, 1957 - Horses in a dust storm

This is an excerpt from a 1957 black-and-white documentary titled 'The Forerunner' that tells the story of the building of the Snowy Mountains Hydro-electric Scheme. It shows streams of dust being swept along by the wind and horses mainly standing in groups in a dust storm. Low bushes are in the background. The scenes are ...


'Around a gum tree', 1949 - asset 1

This is an excerpt from a black-and-white documentary film entitled 'Around a gum tree', narrated by Wilfrid Coad Thomas. The film as a whole features different species of gum trees and their different environments with comment on aspects of Australian life, and was made under the auspices of the Shell Film Unit in 1949. ...