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Listed under:  Science  >  Forces and energy  >  Fundamental forces  >  Gravity  >  Weightlessness
Interactive resource


Learn to analyse the motion of an object that is projected into the air. Look at the vertical and horizontal components of the motion. Discover how the range of a projectile depends on the angle of projection. This resource consists of a video in five sections with a supporting web page containing background material.

Interactive resource


Learn how to calculate the orbits of planets and satellites. Follow Newton's reasoning in deriving his universal gravitation law. Use the conservation of mechanical energy to find the escape velocity for a rocket. Extend these ideas to find the sizes of black holes. This resource consists of a video in eight sections with ...

Interactive Resource

Science Talk 2007: Jack Bacon

An interview with Dr Jack Bacon, NASA engineer and futurist. Jack talks to a teacher from Sydney Girls High School about his experiences on the Vomit comet and his research into alternative energy sources. Jack also shares with us his predictions for the future of science, space travel and energy sources.