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Wine industry at Griffith

This is an excerpt from 'Australia's wine industry', a 4-minute silent documentary made in 1924 about the Penfolds wine company. The excerpt begins with the intertitle 'GRIFFITH, N.S.W. Winery and Distillery, erected for Soldier Settlers' grapes, covering 6 acres of ground and crushing 6000 tons of grapes annually'. The ...

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Investigating food and fibres: producer video

This is a video about biodynamic grape growing and wine production at Cape Jaffa Winery in South Australia. It is narrated by co-owner and winemaker Anna Hooper, who describes the wine regions in which the vineyard is located, its soil types, and the main wines grown. She goes on to illustrate the winery's commitment to ...

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Becoming a Wine Maker

This is a short clip in which a winemaker describes his job and industry including some of his daily tasks, the location of the winery in south-east Queensland’s Granite Belt Region, and the role of that winemaking plays in the agrifoods industry. The winemaker, Peter, works at the Queensland College of Wine Tourism and ...