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Listed under:  Science  >  Life  >  Living things  >  Eukaryotes  >  Animals  >  Chordates  >  Vertebrates  >  Mammals  >  Marsupials  >  Wombats
Moving Image

Observing a wombat

Take a close look at two different types of wombats in this short clip. Don Spencer introduces a Common Wombat called Winifred, then shows us a Hairy-nosed Wombat foraging in the desert.

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A song about wombats

Do you know any songs about Australian animals? Listen to this song about wombats performed by Don Spencer. Watch some wombats doing what they do best - dig!


National parks: Australian Alps

This is a colour clip highlighting the Australian Alps: their landscapes in summer and winter; distinctive flora and fauna; and contribution to Australian identity through the poem 'The man from Snowy River' and the Snowy Mountains Hydro-electric Scheme. The clip contains a long sequence showing stockmen chasing brumbies. ...


Snow ... Down Under, 1982: Snow wombat

This clip shows the snowfields of Mt Kosciuszko, Australia's highest mountain, in the alpine region of New South Wales. Actor Jack Thompson narrates the clip and the visuals show a wombat as it tracks through the snow to a stream. As the wombat lumbers along, the narrator observes that the wombat places its back legs in ...


Wirangu Women - Always Have, Always Will, 2006: Hunting wombat

This clip shows Wanda Miller, an Indigenous Australian woman, talking about developing materials to assist with teaching and learning the Wirangu language as part of a program of language maintenance. Wombat hunting, which is an important activity for the Wirangu people, is the subject chosen for one resource. Still pictures ...

Teacher resource

Library Pack: Wombat Mania

This is a teacher guide that uses two picture storybooks to look at wombat ecology and behaviour. It includes: an introduction, discussion points and reading activities that involve reading a picture story book and completing follow up learning activities or experiments. The titles of the books and age groups they are aimed ...