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'My life', 1996

This is a wooden panel carved in bas-relief by Eva Schubert in 1996, depicting her life. The bottom left-hand corner shows children playing and singing, woods and fish in a river. There is a scene of refugees dated 1945, a town scene, and a ship on the ocean, dated 1955. The top part of the carving shows Melbourne, eucalypts, ...


Mallee root - symbolic icon for Women on Farms Gathering at Swan Hill, 1995

This mallee root artwork was created as a symbolic icon and display item for the Women on Farms Gathering at Swan Hill in 1995. The root has a sawn edge showing the red-brown colour inside. A metal plaque reads: 'WOMEN ON FARMS / GATHERING / SWAN HILL / 1995'. The artwork measures 21.0 cm (length) x 18.0 cm (width) x 15.5 ...


War charm, Admiralty Islands, 1800s

This is a war charm from the Admiralty Islands, Papua New Guinea, made around 1800. It comprises a wooden head above a plume of 24 black feathers representing the body. The head, partly decorated with black and white paint, has an elongated face with a long narrow nose, widened eyes, and a raised oval mouth. The ears are ...


Bookcase, c1880

This is a free-standing pine bookcase, measuring 251 cm x 110 cm x 52 cm, made by an unknown craftsman in about 1880. The base incorporates two drawers and a double-door cupboard. The upper part has bookshelves that have been set behind glass-panelled doors. The timber used in its construction is Huon pine, which has a ...


Console table, c1825

This is an elegant console table, measuring 93 cm x 129 cm x 59 cm, made by an unknown furniture maker around 1825 in Tasmania. Its elegance comes from the way in which the angular simplicity of the overall shape has been balanced by a variety of ornamental features and the slight curvature of the front legs. These two ...


Figurehead from 'Star of Greece', 1868

This is a carved wooden figurehead of a Grecian lady painted in white that was originally attached to the bowsprit of the 'Star of Greece', a clipper built in 1868. The figurehead comprises a head and torso and is painted white, apart from a gold band around the neckline of her gown, a gold leaf coronet and a gold bracelet. ...


Canoe figure, 19th century

This is a 19th-century wood sculpture from the Marquesas Islands (eastern Polynesia), believed to be a canoe prow. A male figure sits upon a T-shaped platform, his legs held up by a smaller, facing figure whose head is missing. The figures are covered in fine surface carving with the hands resting on the stomach of the ...


Carved relief from the SS 'Admella', 1857

This is a colourfully painted carved wooden relief from the vessel SS 'Admella'. It shows green and grey-green leaves and yellow flowers attached to a green stalk growing from what appears to be a stylised orange pot surrounded by a green frieze. It has distinct holes through which it was previously mounted. The relief ...


Governor Macquarie’s gothic revival armchair, c1821

This is an armchair (one of a pair) made in the gothic revival style for Governor Lachlan Macquarie and his wife Elizabeth. Its making is attributed to convicts John Webster (carver) and William Temple (cabinetmaker) in New South Wales, Australia, between late 1820 and early 1822. It is made of rose mahogany ('Dysoxylon ...


Silky oak bowl by Sonia Farley, 1988

This is a hand-carved, silky oak, wooden bowl designed and made by Sonia Farley in 1988. The bowl, which measures 27.0 cm high x 34.4 cm wide, is finished with tung oil, beeswax and canuba oil. It is semi-spherical in form, has no foot and is flattened on one side. A section of the rim (handle) overhangs the interior of ...


River red gum timber bowl by Heinz Moritz, c1987

This is a River red gum timber bowl designed and made by Heinz Moritz around 1987. The bowl, which measures 8.5 cm high x 57.0 cm wide, consists of a shallow, irregularly shaped concave basin with long sides and slightly upturned arched ends. A ridge rising along the centre divides the inner basin into two sections. Each ...


Tokelauan men making toki (adze) handles

This is a colour photograph of Fuli Fati with his two grandsons, Jack Kirifi and Kupa Kupa. They are making toki (adze) handles. The photo was taken in 1997 at Porirua, near Wellington, New Zealand. The three men are seated on a woven mat and are working on pieces of willow. The younger man in the foreground is striking ...