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Lead-glass viewing window for radioactive 'hot cell', 1958-2007

This is a lead-glass window used by the Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation, New South Wales. The thick glass has a yellow tinge from the presence of a small amount of cerium. Cerium is added to prevent the glass gradually turning brown from radiation damage. The glass is fitted within a grey lead frame.


Workers' yellow hard hat

This is a workers' yellow plastic hard hat with black-and-yellow elastic chin strap and 'Board of Works' label. The hat is 29 cm long, 22 cm wide and 15 cm high.


Young people and asthma: education and awareness

This clip shows four young people discussing the importance of the Asthma Friendly Schools Program and the value of their Asthma Action Plan. They describe the support that friends and teachers provide when managing an asthma attack and the security of knowing that the people around them, particularly teachers, are knowledgeable ...


Young people and epilepsy: looking ahead

This clip shows young people discussing how epilepsy might affect their future. They talk about career goals and how their diagnosis has affected career dreams. Epilepsy has played a role in shaping their life choices and aspirations, but they articulate their determination to get on with their life, and not let epilepsy ...


My Place - Episode 12: 1898: Rowley, Workers' rights

Rowley tells his mother that he went to see the manager of the brickworks about getting his father a job. His mother eventually tells Rowley what caused Rowley's father to leave home. Rowley learns of his father's involvement in sticking up for the workers and his eventual sacking.

Moving Image

The modern office workplace, 1960s style

How different was the Australia workplace half a century ago? This Weekend Magazine program from the mid-1960s looks at work in what was then the new Commonwealth Centre in Sydney, where 2,000 Commonwealth public servants were employed. It provides a glimpse of a world that has changed beyond recognition. As you watch the ...


Building a Railway Engine, c1925: Building the 'iron horse'

This 1926 silent black-and-white clip shows steps in the assembly of a steam engine at the Islington railway engine construction and repair plant in Adelaide. The cylindrical steam boiler is shown being lowered as workers below guide it onto its frame. The clip then shows men attaching and tightening bolts by hand. An intertitle ...


Building a Motor Body, c1925

This black-and-white silent clip shows processes involved in the construction of the body of a motor vehicle at Holden's Motor Body Builders at Woodville, South Australia, in about 1925. Footage includes shots of workers pressing steel panels, welding panels together and fitting them to the car frame. Fade-outs define each ...


Pensions For Veterans, 1953: Veterans of the waterfront

This is a black-and-white narrated clip from a 1953 documentary produced by the Waterside Workers' Federation (WWF) Film Unit. It portrays the physically demanding work of waterside workers and asks what fate awaits veterans who cease work. A montage of close-up scenes and orchestral music depicts younger wharfies working ...


Pensions For Veterans, 1953: 'The price of profit'

This black-and-white narrated clip from a 1953 documentary produced by the Waterside Workers' Federation (WWF) Film Unit highlights excerpts from a 1945 medical report on the health of waterside workers. It also shows scenes that reveal past and present dangers of working on the waterfront. Footage depicts men straining ...


The Bones of Building, 1956: 'This scaffolding’s safe'

This black-and-white narrated clip from a 1956 safety film produced by the Waterside Workers' Federation (WWF) Film Unit for the Building Workers Industrial Union depicts a dramatised sequence of a building site accident and its aftermath in order to draw attention to the dangers of ignoring union workplace safety advice. ...



This collection of 18 resources is organised in three categories - cell types; cell growth and division; and cell structure and function. It includes a three-dimensional view of a cell and a diagram of a cell's internal structure. Video clips show living cells under a microscope and animations of cell division and cell ...


Marine phytoplankton diatom

This is a coloured scanning electron microscope photograph of 'Coscinodiscus' species, a marine phytoplankton diatom, magnified 600 times. The image shows the diatom's natural colours.


Photosynthetic phytoplankton

This is an image of a light micrograph of four specimens of 'Euglena sp', a photosynthetic phytoplankton. The image shows specimens of different shapes and sizes against a 100-micrometre scale. Clearly visible are the dark nuclei, cellular membrane and other internal cellular structures.


Newspaper folding machine in action

This is an excerpt from a 1910 silent documentary entitled 'The Sydney Morning Herald'. It shows one stage of the newspaper-printing process in the early 1900s, which is introduced by the intertitle: 'ANOTHER LARGE MACHINE SHOWING DELIVERY OF THE PAPERS FROM THE FOLDING MECHANISM'. The footage shows folding machines in ...


Newspaper printing press in action

This is an excerpt from a 1910 silent documentary film entitled 'The Sydney Morning Herald', which shows the printing press of John Fairfax and Sons in Ultimo, Sydney in the early 1900s. The segment begins with an intertitle: 'STARTING UP. THIS MACHINE PRINTS 48,000 8 PAGE PAPERS PER HOUR'. It shows close-up shots of the ...


Dozer with supplies in the raging Tumut River

This is a photograph of two men in a bulldozer pulling a trailer laden with barrels containing supplies for the Snowy Mountains Scheme workers at Happy Valley camp in New South Wales. The wooden bridge has been washed away and the dozer is partially submerged as it crosses the Tumut River. The photograph was taken by the ...


Norwegian drillers prepare for blasting

This is a 1952 photograph of two Norwegian drillers, brought to Australia because labour was hard to source after the Second World War. These skilled workers are operating a compressed air drill - drilling a hole in a rock wall to take an explosive charge that will shatter the rock. The background is a wasteland of rubble ...


British migrant at work, 1960

This is a black-and-white photograph from 1960 showing a young migrant from Birmingham in England working with large machinery. The photograph shows him working an electrical switch box with one hand as he leans over a drive shaft. He is observing the operations of a sizeable machine that has a giant gear wheel extending ...


Munitions factory worker, 1940

This is a black-and-white photograph of a woman working in an unidentified munitions factory in 1940. With her left hand, she is slowly rotating a fuse liner for an aerial bomb, as she uses a dial indicator to check that it is exactly cylindrical. On the bench beside her are various tooling and measuring instruments. Numerous ...