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Commonwealth leaders at Prime Ministers' Conference, London, 1944

This is a black-and-white photograph of Commonwealth leaders at the Dominion Prime Ministers' Conference in London, May 1944, during the Second World War. Standing, left to right, are General Smuts (South Africa) and Peter Fraser (New Zealand). Seated, left to right, are Mackenzie King (Canada), Winston Churchill (Britain) ...


Tilt-top table, 1878

This is a spectacular round-topped wooden table made in Adelaide in the later part of the 19th century. It is quite large, measuring 76.5 cm x 135.5 cm in diameter, and could seat a number of people, but is generally regarded as having been made as a display or feature item. The deep undulating skirting that runs beneath ...


SOBO production and graphics guides, Sydney 2000 Olympic Games

This is a set of two books and a carry case that was designed and produced for the Sydney Olympic Broadcasting Organisation (SOBO), the official host broadcaster of the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games. The books are labelled 'Production guide' and 'Graphics guide'. They were written by SOBO and published by the Sydney Organising ...


Writing bureau, c1865

This is a writing bureau, or secretaire, made by Anton Seuffert (1815-87) in Auckland around 1865. It is constructed of various native New Zealand timbers, including kauri, püriri, rewarewa, tötara, rimu and kohekohe. It consists of a table and drawer, with a cabinet attached to its top. On the central door panel, the marquetry ...


Australia Post - Meeting the Challenge, 1988: Motivation to compete

This clip shows images of large modern fast delivery vehicles, including spacecraft, as presenter Michael Talbot, then acting deputy state manager of Australia Post in New South Wales, explains that the commercial challenges and competition faced by the recently corporatised Australia Post amount to a 'battle'. Dramatic ...

Moving Image

Where do we meet?

This is a video about the different locations where people or groups of people meet to participate in activities. The resource includes: the reasons why groups need a place to meet; examples of outside meeting places; examples of inside meeting places; examples of buildings that act as permanent meeting places; and examples ...

Interactive Resource

Getting ready for work

This resource contains information, activities and tasks on how to write job applications, develop your interview skills and enhance your phone application skills. It includes writing templates and proformas for students for a variety of workplace contexts. This resource supports the Australian Curriculum in English K–10.

Interactive Resource

Laptop wrap – got the message?

In this laptop wrap students explore different types of communication. Activities and links to websites allow student to focus on ways to improve communication skills in the workplace and overcome barriers neccessary to succeed in a career.

Interactive Resource


The PreVet program is designed for students in the middle years and explores ideas around work culture and the value of literacy and numeracy in working life. It is a vast, multi-layered website providing student and teacher resources promoting job pathways for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island people in remote northern ...