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Mollie Bodman and Gray O'Connor sitting on farmhouse verandah, Won Wron, c1912

This is a black-and-white photograph showing two young women, Mollie Bodman and Gray O'Connor, sitting on the porch at Trenton Valley farmhouse in Won Wron, near Yarram, in about 1912. They are both formally dressed. The image is a digital scan of the original photograph.


Minidress by Merivale, c1965

This is a women's mustard wool minidress designed by Merivale and made by the House of Merivale, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia, between 1960 and 1970. The dress has a round neckline, yoke, drop waist and long sleeves with side zipper fastening. It features shirring in contrasting thread on cuffs and drop waist, and ...

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Family life and traditions for Woolgoolga's Sikhs

How much do a society's beliefs and values change each generation? A lot, in the case of Woolgoolga's Sikh immigrants who have settled on northern New South Wales' Banana Coast since the end of World War II. Can this vibrant community maintain its own attitudes towards work and family while adapting to the Australian way of life?

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Liveability and sustainable living - teacher resource

This resource for teachers is a series of 12 activities in three parts that can be used to support the year 7 geography unit, Place and liveability. Each part includes several detailed activities relevant to exploring different aspects of liveability. These include: investigating local qualities of liveability, making comparisons ...

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Using 'Transforming Shakespeare: Romeo and Juliet' - Teacher idea

Students look closely at key scenes from 'Romeo and Juliet'. They extend their knowledge of Shakespeare, explore themes, characters and his use of language and dramatic technique, perform key speeches and scenes, and transform a scene to email. This Teacher idea is based on R11474 'Transforming Shakespeare: Romeo and Juliet ...

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Shake speak - unit of work

This unit of work explores the language, characters and themes in Shakespeare's 'Romeo and Juliet'. The unit was originally devised and taught at Thursday Island State High School, and embeds Indigenous perspectives, focuses on active learning and incorporates educational technology.


A young postal worker on a bicycle, 1936

This is a black-and-white photograph of a uniformed New South Wales junior postal officer who delivered telegrams on his bicycle.


Interview from the Drovers Oral History Project, 2000

This is a sound recording from the Drovers Oral History Project, recorded during the Drovers' Camp Festival in July 2000, in which Wayne McCulloch (1950- ) recalls his days as a head stockman in northern Australia. From the point of view of a head stockman with 40 years' experience, he talks about establishing discipline ...


Castlecrag Estate, 1928 - asset 12

This is an excerpt from a 1928 black-and-white silent film called 'Beautiful Middle Harbour' that promotes Castlecrag Estate, a residential development on Middle Harbour in Sydney's north shore suburbs. The excerpt shows people staging a play in a hilly, tree-lined area overlooking the Harbour. Most are dressed in Arabian-style ...


Castlecrag Estate, 1928 - asset 13

This is an excerpt from the concluding part of a 1928 black-and-white silent film called 'Beautiful Middle Harbour' that promotes Castlecrag Estate, a residential development on Middle Harbour in Sydney's north shore suburbs. The opening intertitle reads: 'These Idyllic surroundings lend themselves to the Out-door frolics ...


The Devil's Playground, 1976: 'Your body is your worst enemy'

This clip shows a group of adolescent Catholic schoolboys showering in a communal bathroom. Brother Francine (Arthur Dignam) enters and pushes open a closed door to find 13-year-old Tom Allen (Simon Burke) showering without his swimming trunks. Brother Francine admonishes Tom for his immodesty. The boys are then shown relaxing ...


The Cars That Ate Paris, 1974: 'We're keeping him'

This clip shows Len Keeley (John Meillon), the Mayor of Paris, New South Wales, introducing himself to Arthur Waldo (Terry Camilleri), who was travelling towards the town when the car he was driving slid off the road, killing his brother. Len and Arthur lead Arthur's brother's funeral procession to the local rural cemetery ...


Idiot Box, 1996: 'The young and the bloody useless'

This clip shows Mick (Jeremy Sims) talking to Lani (Robyn Loau), who works in a bottle shop, about poetry. After Mick leaves the bottle shop, Lani's brother appears and asks who Mick is. The clip then shows two police detectives (Graeme Blundell and Deborah Kennedy) in a suburban bank where it is believed a robbery may ...


Goodbye Paradise, 1981: Paradise is youth

This clip shows Michael Stacey (Ray Barrett) buying a golliwog for his goddaughter, Kathy (Janet Scrivener), whom he then meets at an outdoor cafe. Young people are sitting at the surrounding tables and a Salvation Army band plays in the background. After Kathy leaves, the clip cuts to a shot of Stacey walking with his ...


Colour Bars, 1997: Life's expectations

This clip shows city shots of Sydney by night, accompanied by pumping techno music. A series of re-enacted shots of the theft of a car wheel at night are shown, intercut with shots of a young man looking directly at the camera. In a voice-over, the young man describes his daily existence - a cycle of unemployment and petty ...


Four Corners - We'll All Be Rooned, 1982: A town is dying

This clip from 1982 shows Coonamble, a country town in northern New South Wales hard-hit by drought and recession. Over images of the postman delivering mail, the reporter says that social-service cheques are the only growth industry in the town and that an alarming percentage of unemployed people are under 25. He then ...

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Popular culture post-war

In post-war Australia, cultural changes - like the popularisation of surfing and rock 'n' roll, and a sexual revolution - took hold. Meet the 'teenager'.