Creating a bee hotel: construction

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As we clear land for urban development, and for broadacre farming, we remove the spaces where bees nest and find their food. With no food, and nowhere to produce their young, native bee populations are under threat of local extinction. In this activity, we will look at providing nesting spaces for native bees which mimic their natural ones. This will provide them somewhere to produce their offspring. This learning activity is the first part of a sequence of 2 individual learning activities focused on creating a bee hotel to help support native bee populations. The order of these learning activities are: research and construction. OUTCOMES of this learning activity are for children to: understand the need to provide additional nesting space for bees; value the importance of mimicking the bees’ natural habitat engage and connect with local experts that may provide assistance; undertake the task of building and managing a bee hotel for cavity-nesting bees.

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