Understanding weeds: investigation

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In this activity you will be looking for weeds in your local park, backyard and surrounds. Build your knowledge and weed investigation skills as you explore your local environment and examine the presence of weeds. Using online resources, field guides and expert local knowledge, you will be looking at and identifying weeds in three different locations in your setting and discussing the issues that they may cause. This learning activity is the first part of a sequence of 2 individual learning activities focused on understanding weeds. The order of these learning activities are: life cycle and investigation. OUTCOMES are for children to: understand what weeds they have in their local area; look at plants and determine if they are weeds or not appreciate how quickly weeds can become a problem; value a weed-free environment, rich in native plant and animal biodiversity; and to appreciate and value the work of local weed experts, Landcarers and Indigenous knowledge.

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