Text Work sample Year 10 English: Essay on the Romantic poetry movement with visual representations

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This work sample demonstrates evidence of student learning in relation to aspects of the achievement standards for Year 10 English. The primary purpose for the work sample is to demonstrate the standard, so the focus is on what is evident in the sample not how it was created. The sample is an authentic representation of student work and may contain errors such as spelling mistakes and other inaccuracies. In this work sample students: • analyse and evaluate representations of people, places, events and concepts, and how interpretations of these may be influenced by readers and viewers • analyse the effects of text structures, and language features including literary devices, intertextual connections, and multimodal features, and their contribution to the aesthetic qualities of texts • create written and multimodal texts, including literary texts, for a range of purposes and audiences, expressing ideas and representations, making connections and providing substantiation • select and experiment with text structures to organise, develop and link ideas and representations • select, vary and experiment with language features including literary devices, and experiment with multimodal features.

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