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In this unit students develop specialised movement skills through learning a dance sequence taught by the Muggera Dance Crew. They will manipulate the elements of dance to compose and enhance sequences for group performance. Students will practise and refine fundamental and specialised movement skills - applicable to dance - in a predictable learning environment whilst demonstrating a range of rhythmic and expressive movement qualities. All students take turns to be the choreographer to develop and practise their self-management skills. Through this role, students will make decisions and solve problems to compose and manipulate locomotor and non-locomotor movement, sequence movement and choose how to manipulate the elements of dance to enhance a group performance. During the dance-making process, students will practise a range of interpersonal skills that support the respectful giving and receiving of feedback to enhance performance. Activities in the sequence of learning also provide opportunity for students to develop skills in collaboration, inclusion and relationship building.

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7; 8

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