Sentence builder: ocean: tool

TLF ID L10255

Help a mermaid use a sentence builder machine to create past-tense sentences. Spin each coin to see a new word for your sentence. Choose words from four groups: when, who, what and where.

Educational details

Educational value
  • Encourages students to construct past-tense sentences from a bank of words that are illustrated.
  • Promotes students' literacy skills by providing a model of basic sentence construction.
  • Provides a drawing zone for students to create a picture to match a sentence.
  • Includes a printable worksheet that captures the student's work and also includes the set of words and icons used in the sentence builder.
  • Designed for use on interactive whiteboards by early years users. For example, selectable elements have been positioned to allow users to easily reach them.
Year level

F; 1

Learning area
  • English

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