Learning objects Electromagnetism: electromagnet basics

TLF ID L10714

Explore the parts of an electromagnet circuit. Test objects made of different materials to find out whether they are affected by magnetic fields. For example, discover whether a rubber band is deflected by the field of an electromagnet. This learning object is one of three learning objects in the same series.

Educational details

Key learning objectives
  • Students identify the parts of an electromagnet and its accompanying circuit, and explain their functions.
  • Students use an electromagnet to identify substances that are affected by magnetic fields.
Educational value
  • Describes the components of an electromagnet and its operating circuit.
  • Enables virtual testing of a variety of objects to determine whether they are attracted to an electromagnet.
Year level

3; 4

Learning area
  • science
  • Science/Physical sciences
  • Science/Science as a human endeavour
  • Science/Science understanding
    Student activity
    • Interactives;
    • Experiment

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