Learning objects Jet force: match

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Shoot a disc at a target to score goals. Control the direction of the disc by applying linear forces. Use a single linear force or combine multiple forces. Play a match where you score points by aiming accurately. This activity is one in a series of three activities.

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Educational details

Key learning objectives
  • Students investigate the direction of movement of an object when a force is applied to it.
  • Students apply multiple forces to an object to propel it in a given direction on a flat surface.
Educational value
  • Enables students to explore the action of forces on the motion of an object within a game context.
  • Requires students to attach one or more forces to a disc to control its direction of motion.
  • Scores the student's attempts to shoot a disc into a goal.
  • Provides feedback on correct and incorrect placement of forces.
  • Provides a slow-motion replay of the action of the forces on the disc.
  • Allows for placement of up to nine forces to control an object's direction of motion.
Year level


Learning area
  • science
  • Science/Physical sciences
  • Science/Science understanding
    • Science/Energy transformation
    • Science/Force
    • Science/Motion
    • Knowledge;
    • Comprehension;
    • Application;
    • Analysis
    Student activity
    • Interactives;
    • Games;
    • Experiment;
    • Analysis;
    • Modelling;
    • Problem solving
    Learning design
    • Experiential learning;
    • Independent learning;
    • Problem solving;
    • Visual learning

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