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Learning objects Cartown: communicating messages

TLF ID L1346

Explore arguments for and against plans to reduce the number of vehicles travelling in the centre of a city. Decide whether to support a traffic congestion toll during peak travel times. Build a television report or newspaper article supporting your viewpoint. This learning object is one in a series of two objects.

Educational details

Key learning objectives
  • Students analyse the effectiveness of different media presentations when attempting to influence the opinions of community members.
  • Students decide whether a traffic congestion toll is a fair and effective way of reducing pollution and traffic congestion in a large city.
  • Students prepare a media presentation to convince citizens that a traffic congestion toll is, or is not, a fair and effective way of reducing pollution and traffic congestion in a large city.
Educational value
  • Students investigate the social, economic and environmental consequences of a traffic congestion toll.
  • Students use a range of media sources to synthesise facts and opinions.
  • Includes data comparing the social influence of media sources.
  • Students compile an exposition supporting a viewpoint.
Year level

7; 8

Learning area
  • studies of society and environment
  • Studies of society and environment/Investigation, communication and participation
  • Studies of society and environment/Economic impact
  • Studies of society and environment/Environmental impact
  • Studies of society and environment/Environmental issues
  • Studies of society and environment/Mass media
  • Studies of society and environment/Pollution
  • Studies of society and environment/Perspectives
  • Studies of society and environment/Persuasion
  • Studies of society and environment/Advantages and disadvantages
  • Studies of society and environment/Attitudes
  • Studies of society and environment/Community
  • Studies of society and environment/Decision-making
  • Studies of society and environment/Social impact
  • Studies of society and environment/Local government
  • Analysis;
  • Application;
  • Comprehension;
  • Knowledge
Student activity
  • Interactives;
  • Modelling;
  • Analysis;
  • Experiment
Learning design
  • Independent learning;
  • Problem solving;
  • Experiential learning;
  • Visual learning

Other details

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