Learning objects Shape fractions


Use this tool to explore how to express fractions and display them in different ways. Divide simple shapes into equal parts. Select regions, then express the area selected as a fraction (or equivalent). Manually select fractions or choose other options to set variables displayed.

Educational details

Key learning objectives
  • Students explore representation of fractions as parts of a shape.
  • Students explore written notation of fractions.
  • Students explore equivalent fractions.
Educational value
  • Enables students to explore fraction expressions by manipulating dividing tools to create equal portions within chosen base shapes.
  • Provides opportunities for students to generate fractions by shading parts of six base shapes.
  • Demonstrates the link between written fraction notation and equivalent fraction notation as shaded sections are selected or de-selected.
  • Empowers students to either make a given fraction, randomly generated, or to create their own fractions using the 'manual' mode.
Year level

2; 3; 4

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  • mathematics
  • Mathematics/Number and algebra
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    • Mathematics/Division
    • Mathematics/Algorithms
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