Learning objects The elements

TLF ID L2293

Use a chemical analysis tool to help sort elements from compounds. Go to another universe where elements have different properties. Test the properties of elements and classify them in a table. Use the properties of known elements to classify others. Position elements in the periodic table. Check properties such as atomic number, boiling point and reactivity. Use the patterns of properties within the periodic table to identify where other elements belong. This learning object is a combination of five objects in the same series.

Educational details

Key learning objectives
  • Students differentiate between elements and compounds.
  • Students classify elements according to their properties.
  • Students locate elements in the periodic table.
  • Students use the periodic table to find patterns in properties of elements.
  • Students use a table to classify imaginary elements.
Educational value
  • Demonstrates the difference between elements and compounds.
  • Shows how elements can be classified using properties.
  • Illustrates that each chemical element has unique properties.
  • Introduces the periodic table.
  • Students identify patterns in the periodic table and use these to position elements.
Year level

8; 9; 10

Learning area
  • science
  • Science/Science understanding
    • Science/Elements
    • Science/Chemical symbols
    • Science/Classification
    • Science/Physical properties
    • Science/Matter
    • Science/Models
    • Science/Periodic table
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    • Application;
    • Analysis
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    • Interactives;
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    • Analysis;
    • Modelling
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    • Experiential learning;
    • Independent learning;
    • Problem solving;
    • Visual learning

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