Tectonics investigator

TLF ID L5826

Investigate the internal structure of the Earth using earthquake measurements. Examine the Earth’s outer layer. Fit the Earth's tectonic plates together like a jigsaw puzzle. Identify how plate movements produce many features of the Earth’s surface. Predict the formation of new volcanic islands. This learning object is a combination of three objects in the same series.

Educational details

Educational value
  • Illustrates and explains the Earth's internal structure through animations and scientific data.
  • Presents the Earth’s internal structure, tectonic plates, magnetic stripes at divergent boundaries and hot spot traces as evidence for plate movement.
  • Includes a jigsaw activity in which the tectonic plates are fitted together over the Earth’s surface.
  • Allows students to control plate movement to demonstrate the formation of magnetic stripes and hot spots.
  • Tests student understanding and interpretation through multiple-choice questions.
  • Provides structured feedback to student input.
Year level

7; 8; 9; 10

Learning area
  • Science

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