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Fish market


Buy and sell fish in trading markets in a range of Australian and New Zealand cities. Compare market prices, supply and demand. Get to know other traders to find the best deals and discover new markets. Find a rare fish. Maximise your profit and reputation as a smart trader. This learning object is the last in a series of two objects that progressively increase in difficulty.

Educational details

Key learning objectives
  • Students identify opportunities for profitable trading.
  • Students estimate market value by comparing supply and demand.
  • Students explore the value of networking to identify market opportunities.
Educational value
  • Students operate a business in an international environment.
  • Students review business options and make decisions to increase profitability.
  • The pace and variety of trading opportunities encourages active engagement.
  • Students search for a rare, prized fish.
  • Includes an option to print a summary of business outcomes.
Year level

6; 7; 8; 9

Learning area
  • studies of society and environment
  • Studies of society and environment/Resources
  • Studies of society and environment/Economics
  • Studies of society and environment/Resources
  • Studies of society and environment/Commerce
  • Analysis;
  • Application;
  • Comprehension;
  • Knowledge
Student activity
  • Interactives;
  • Games;
  • Experiment;
  • Analysis;
  • Modelling;
  • Estimation
Learning design
  • Experiential learning;
  • Independent learning;
  • Problem solving;
  • Visual learning

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