Make it happen: find Honey

TLF ID L8286

Honey is missing. Create a notice to let people know your dog is lost. Include a statement, photo and important details such as contact address and phone number. Select places to put up the notice. Consider the replies to your notice when deciding where to look for Honey. Look for Honey at the locations on the map. Check if the pet is Honey. Find Honey and take her home. Match captions to photos in Honey's album.

Educational details

Educational value
  • Provides a model of the purpose and features of an advertisement.
  • Illustrates the purpose and features of written, telephone and personal communication.
  • Tests comprehension through a series of different texts such as a note and telephone message.
  • Provides feedback when students make decisions in response to information in the text and audio.
  • Provides a caption-matching exercise for students to apply comprehension skills.
  • Includes audio to support reading and comprehension.
  • Facilitates modelling and class participation via an interactive whiteboard. For example, strong colours and clear graphics are easily visible in a classroom setting.
Year level

F; 1; 2

Learning area
  • English

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