Learning objects Number trains [Indonesian]

TLF ID L8711

Use your knowledge of Indonesian numbers to arrange train carriages according to numbers on their sides. The numbers are represented in a range of formats such as Indonesian number words, numerals, dice dots or counting frames. Identify the numbers that come before and after starting numbers. Begin with numbers up to ten and move on to work with numbers from one to twenty. Proceed to making number trains by counting in tens. This learning object is a combination of three objects that progressively increase in difficulty.

Educational details

Key learning objectives
  • Students identify the number before and after a given number.
  • Students sequence whole numbers from 1 to 400.
  • Students connect Indonesian number words and numerals to the quantities they represent using dice dots and ten-frames.
  • Students identify place value in two-digit and three-digit numbers.
  • Students apply their knowledge of Indonesian number words to arrange train carriages according to the numbers on their sides.
Educational value
  • Requires students to relate one-digit to three-digit number ‘names’ and values, in a variety of representations, to Indonesian numbers and number words.
  • Provides students with an opportunity to develop and consolidate counting forwards and backwards skills that are fundamental to addition and subtraction skills.
  • Challenges students to develop strategies as they predict, test and confirm, or change the sequencing of numbers.
  • Revises and provides practice in using numbers in Indonesian.
  • Randomised number generation encourages repeated use.
Year level

F; 1; 2; 3

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  • languages other than english
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    • Interactives;
    • Experiment;
    • Analysis;
    • Modelling

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