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Wonderful words, creative stories: pets

TLF ID L8740

Add descriptive words to two simple sentences about a cat and a fish to make the sentences more interesting. Substitute different descriptive words in each sentence. Notice how your choice of words affects the animations for the sentences. Use your two lively sentences as the start and ending of an imaginative story. Check your word choices to see if the story could flow better. Then complete the following extension activities: describe a pet-related image; use a new set of words to create another vivid sentence; extend your story about pets.

Educational details

Key learning objectives
  • Students create descriptive texts using appropriate language and grammatical features to enhance vividness.
Educational value
  • Demonstrates how visual language enriches meaning and enhances reader engagement.
  • Provides lists of adjectives and adverbs for students to use to enhance two simple sentences.
  • Allows students to substitute adjectives and adverbs in sentences and see the impact of the changes.
  • Provides immediate visual feedback on students' word choices.
  • Provides hint pop-ups to assist students when creating new text.
  • Includes an option for students to print their imaginative story.
  • Includes three optional extension activities on powerful words, each with a free text-entry field and a print feature.
Year level

3; 4; 5

Learning area
  • english
  • English/Language
    Student activity
    • Interactives;
    • Experiment;
    • Modelling;
    • Communication activity

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