Ready to race: wheels, jets, tyres and gears

TLF ID L8751

Go to a race track and collect information from different kinds of visual texts to make your kart the fastest on the track. First, add important kart parts and choose the style of kart you want. Then collect information about the time and place of your race. Next, go to the garage to set up your kart before doing a starting lap. Get advice from your mechanic, who will help you make adjustments to suit the race track so you can improve your lap times. Finally, move to the qualifying session, where you need to adjust your settings for changed track conditions.

Educational details

Educational value
  • Models an authentic activity in which students interpret information texts to improve their results in a go-kart competition.
  • Includes a range of visual texts such as calendars, tables, diagrams, graphs and simple maps.
  • Uses game play to encourage students to investigate information texts to improve their go-karting performance.
  • Provides scaffolded activities to develop students' skills in interpreting visual texts for specific information.
  • Challenges students with increasing levels of complexity as they progress through the tasks.
Year level

4; 5; 6

Learning area
  • English

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