Learning objects Buds: level 2


Help a farmer to win an award for business innovation. Start out by farming fresh flowers and selling them. Think creatively to find new market opportunities and meet demand. Decide when to use equipment to make different products such as compost and pressed flowers. This activity is a medium level of complexity in a series of four activities.

Educational details

Key learning objectives
  • Students identify, respond to and create opportunities within a goods and services industry.
  • Students implement business ideas by interacting with retail and business customers.
Educational value
  • Provides opportunities to relate innovations to business reputation and profitability.
  • Encourages creative thinking to find new market opportunities.
  • Simulates a commercial environment involving interaction with business and retail customers.
  • Provides performance ratings and quantifies the economic consequences of business decisions.
  • Awards a printable certificate of business achievement summarising innovations implemented by the student.
Year level

3; 4

Learning area
  • studies of society and environment
  • Studies of society and environment/Resources
  • Studies of society and environment/Commerce
  • Studies of society and environment/Community
  • Studies of society and environment/Business
  • Studies of society and environment/Economics
  • Studies of society and environment/Enterprise
  • Studies of society and environment/Entrepreneurship
  • Analysis;
  • Application;
  • Comprehension;
  • Knowledge
Student activity
  • Interactives;
  • Experiment;
  • Analysis;
  • Modelling
Learning design
  • Experiential learning;
  • Independent learning;
  • Problem solving;
  • Visual learning;
  • Auditory learning

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